Friday, August 13, 2010

Persuasive advertising.

I will buy anything he has to sell.

JCrew should consider giving me a cut for advertising on here. Seriously, he must be mentioned once a quarter, at least.

This brings to mind another topic. I have a lot of guy friends, and most times while talking with them, the topic of their "top five" comes up. I've since learned to prepare a list of my top five so I can take part in this conversation. Meaning, I have a top five of male celebs that I swoon for, as well as a list of top five female celebs so that I can further participate in the convo.

If this guy was a celeb, he'd be on my list. Although, my list of preferred males is primarily compiled based on humor/sarcasm.

Without further list(s):

Top 5 men:

1. James Marsden (Cyclops in XMen series, columnist in 27 Dresses)

2. John Cusack

3. Bradley Cooper

4. Scott Speedman (cue mild to moderate obsession with Felicity growing up)

5. Johnny Lee Miller

Top 5 women:

1. Marion Cotillard (recent movie: Inception)

2. Kate Beckinsale

3. Rachel McAdams

4. Mila Kunis (she's the desk girl at the resort in Forgetting Sara Marshall)

5. Emily Blunt (hilarious in Devil Wears Prada)

If there's any you are unfamiliar with, check here..

who's on your list?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fall Accessories: Eye Spy

So here we are moving from Summer to Fall, and one of my favorite trends of late is eye wear. The retro shades are coming back, and the Buddy Holly-esque eye wear is making an appearance too. Not just by Rayban, not just by Oliver Peoples, but by two of my favorites (gasp! what could it be!) JCrew and Madewell! I drool over their selection and discuss them endlessly with my roommate.

I had to post Mr. Holly because, I don't know if you knew, but I had a mild to insanely large obsession with him as a kid. I even had the movie and every album (on cassette no less) (well obviously on cassette...we didn't have compact discs yet) (duh).

From Summer...
If Victoria Beckham's doing it, it must be cool.
And Anna Wintour? The epitome of in!
To Fall...

Also, go take a peak at Anthropologie's offerings. Not too shabby, and even some on the lower price scale!

Now, my favorite part about these looks is that nerdy is becoming cool. I'm a total nerd, so maybe I'm cool now? (whatever I'm going with it).
Some "nerd print" offerings on etsy..

this one's a pun! get it?? four eyes! haha...oh so funny...

**now I have Buddy Holly in my head..."maybe baby I'll have youuu..maybe baby, you'll be true..maybe baby, I'll have you for meeeeee"

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fall Accessories: Pucker Up

Fall is bringing lots of subtle accent trends this year, including lips. I've been stalking the likes of JCrew, Anthropologie, and Madewell (surprise, surprise), and this is what I've found:
Nude lips (which I have yet to perfect, and am not ENTIRELY sold on the Target lipstick linked below) and an overall flawless face:
Try a bronzey shade (shown on Anthropologie's models) to obtain that perfect Autumn feel.
And my personal favorite, electric lips. I also love the orangey colored lips JCrew has been showing, but this one is definitely blog worthy. Keeping the rest of the make up simple, and the skin looking flawless.
She has killer attitude!! (and killer hair)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Early Fall shoes to rooms/life

With Fall just around the corner, who isn't ready for those darker colors? In Texas, however, I have to keep in mind the warm weather lasts even though the styles change.

Here are my three favorite "Texas Fall" shoes, and my three favorite upcoming Fall colors...

(1) Shadow blue~shoes by JCrew (and seen previously in black in their adorable short film with that adorable model) and the same tone casting a shadow over the house in Nola..

(2) Mustard yellow~ don't even get me started on my obsession with this color and these shoes. Shoes by Anthropologie. Love the color peeking out in the room and furniture too..

(3) Neutral neutral neutral~shoes by Madewell (my roommate just bought them and I may or may not be wearing them today). Love the simplicity of this color and the clean feel in daily life.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Fall Hair Part II

My roommate came across this adorable blogger, and we now stalk her. I say stalk lightly, since we do not understand a thing she writes, but we love the pictures. Plus, her name is Ann (but goes by middle name Victoria).

Here is a demo of her cute hair style we've been attempting as of late:

Fall Hair

I think I'm ready for Fall to arrive...with these numerous 100+ degree heat days still lingering on, I long for cool breeze and cardigans. Time to lengthen your locks and get ready for the next season.

I love Fall the most out of any season. Texas does not promise severe Winter weather, only Summer heat, so you can get away with cardis and scarves through most of the holidays.

This Fall channels simplistic, yet sophisticated hair, somewhat akin to the 30's dos.

From Madewell, the modern up-do:

Also from Madewell, the wavy part, shoulder length cut (I'd like my hair to be a couple inches longer than this):

From Anthropologie, the sophisticated loose bun (p to the s, don't you LOVE and ADORE that dress??):

Also from Anthropologie, the loosely pinned hair:
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