Friday, March 19, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

I'm so excited for this movie!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My favorite day of the week, and my favorite things.

My fantastic coworkers, Mary, Emily, Courtney (and newly Andrea) and I have been struggling through the week. Monday was awful, Tuesday was uneventful (and fine), Wednesday-ugh. Some call it hump day. Some call it half way through the week. But me? I think, "really? Only Wednesday?" So today, we've made it! It's Thursday! Some of us agree that this is our favorite day of the week. It's close enough to the weekend that you can taste it. You can pack for your weekend trip tonight (I'm going to Houston to be with cousin Julie) and pat yourself on the back since you've almost made it!

Why isn't Friday my favorite day of the week? Well, it may sound silly, but it's so close (nay, it is the weekend when that clock hits 5) to the weekend that it already spills into how quickly Monday will approach. Saturday morning is great because you still have the whole day ahead of you but by the evening you think, shoot....tomorrow is Sunday....which might as well be Monday.

That probably made no sense. But that's what I imagine, so I'm stickin to it.

Since I have yet to experience the joy of shopping (truth be told I don't like shopping very much because I end up tired and hungry, but I do like owning new things) and sweets, I thought I'd post about the things I've been eyeing this week. I've kept my distance...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Once Upon a Time...

Once upon a time there were two bloggers. They were connected by one lovely lady, Liza. Ann is an aspiring uptown girl, and Maria an aspiring fashionista and shoe collector. They were destined to be friends and learn from each other. They knew they could be friends, and finally proved that when they partied in NYC.

Here are the pictures to prove their meeting, and to prove that they are friends in real life, not just through Liza/their blogs.
Ann-tidote, Liza, and Uptown girl
-The beginning.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How Tuesday: How to Color Coordinate Part I

Ok, so not so much about coordinating colors as about matching colors, but it was a catchy title :)

I love to mix patterns, prints, textures and colors. I love to layer, to pile it all on. I'll have a tank, a tee, a vest, and a belt on all in one day and not blink an eye. I thought as Part I, I'd share the color combinations I never make, because they remind me of something else...

The steps (mostly mental steps):

1. Avoid dressing like a bumblebee. This means no yellow and black. Lately, with yellow populating my closet more, this almost happens! I'll throw on a yellow tank and a black and white striped cardigan and black pants and voila! The walking bumble bee. No thanks...

2. Avoid dressing like a watermelon. I had this great pair of JCrew green chinos. The same day I bought (on sale) a bright pinky-melon colored henley. I put them on together, went out into the world, and got "oh cute! It's like watermelon colors!" Hmmm...I'm pretty sure you never want to be compared to a watermelon.

3. Avoid dressing like the American flag unless it is July 4th. I'm all about pride for your country, but keep it on the holiday. Red, navy, white...pairing just those together makes for an old LL Bean catalog or a parade outfit. I do wear navy and white stripes a lot, but I make sure to pair them with grey or khaki instead of adding any red. (Truth be told I have very little red in my entire closet!)

4. Avoid looking like an Easter egg. This one is sometimes difficult to spot before it's too late. It's Spring, you want to wear all the pastels in your closet and then BOOM! You have on 3 different pastels and you might as well be a zig-zag patterned Easter egg.

5. Avoid dressing like a pumpkin. Honestly what have we learned? Avoid dressing like a holiday when it is not that holiday! I think that's a simple rule to hold onto. In this case, orange and black together often create the Halloween effect, which can lead to you being compared to a pumpkin (another round object you should avoid being compared to).
Next we'll talk about some favorite color combinations (ahem, Julie, orange and grey??), how to wear them, and how to create them yourself.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Zach Motl's 178 Square Feet Haven

Can you believe this is a 178 square foot apartment? Neither can I! Erin @ Apartment 34 (the blog I am a sponsor of for my etsy shop..) posted about this at the end of last week and I've been amazed ever since.

Zach Motl, 25, lives in this 178 square foot studio apartment in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, which he pays close to my mortgage for a month. To avoid lingering odors, he avoids cooking, and has a few spices atop his fridge for display purposes only.
I would die if my oven/stove was this small, but the sink and back splash are to die for!

This bathroom does NOT look cramped at all. I love how the tall, narrow orchid elongates the room. This makes me want to re-do my bathroom...
Mr. Motl is a junior designer at Robert Couturier & Associates, but to me is the master of sleek organization. Neat stacks, colorful arrangements, and tidy living areas. He even has clear divisions between bedroom, living room, kitchen, desk area, and bathroom. HOW is that possible? This inspires me to do some Spring cleaning...
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