Saturday, February 28, 2009

Up for Debate.

So I have the weekends off. I will post a pair tomorrow to show you that I'm spreading out my weekend shoes :)
But this morning, as I sit here at work, I am wondering what I can do differently next week...What would you like to see differently? Different angles on pictures, more personal opinion or less, Voting on the shoes for the next day, or keep it consistent and simple?

For now I'll share some good sites for designer shoes and more at a more affordable price as well as some "personal shopping" sites that will notify you of steals for your pocketbook.

Guilt Group

"Trying and achieving are two different things." -Tim Gunn

Thursday, February 26, 2009

i love praying for cold weather in order to wear cute boots...

Day 6...So not exactly boot weather here, but I have to wear them before Spring has sprung. So today I don the boots.

I bought these, of course, at DSW before heading to Italy for Christmas. The brand is Ciao Bella.

Black leather, ornate strap and closure around the ankle, slight covered wedge, zip up the side. What do you think?

"I'd like to die with my boots on." -Daniel Berrigan

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And happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Classy but sassy

Day 5 and I am ready for the week to end. Here at work we call it "no thinkin' Thursday".
My friend and I were in DSW gawking at these shoes in all of the colors offered. Each having a different color on either foot, we carefully planned out what occasion would call for what color, what color would be the most practical, if we could afford two so as not to make the decision.... I chose the red. The shoe is peep toe, patent leather, more of an orange-y red than candy apple, and the lower heel makes it uber comfortable. The brand is Adrienne Vittadini. What are your thoughts?

"I like to literally put women on a pedestal" -Vivienne Westwood

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

stu's should stay. i'm just sayin'

Day 4....I decided to wear a skirt today. Nothing makes you feel more feminine than a skirt and heels. This project has been difficult quote a contestant of Project Runway, "I don't think I knew it would take so much tediousness".
Anyways, carry on...

Here are Day 3's shoes:

Sans tights:

I bought them at Nordy's half yearly sale with my mom. She bought the same in candy apple red but I was in need of brown shoes! I'm sad to not be able to wear them again until the end of the challenge because I love them...Who doesn't love Stuart Weitzman?!

"It is the flagrant lack of practicality that makes high heel shoes so fascinating." - Stephen Bayley

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Monday, February 23, 2009

I've gone international...

Day 3...I have to admit by the end of yesterday my toes were being scrunched. But that's to be expected when you work more than 8 hours a day.

Anyways, here are day 2's shoes!

These shoes are high, so I don't wear them much. Actually all the girls I work with commented that they have never seen them before. I got them at Nine West a year and a half ago, and have worn them a handful of times. While they're stylish and cute (I think), they may not be the most realistic...

You may be wondering about the title of the post. I have just learned that my cousin who lives in South Africa has spread the blog to London and Singapore!!! Thank you to everyone spreading the word!

"Nothing risque, nothing gained"-Alexander Woollcott

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haute houndstooth

Day 2. Let me just say it was a little difficult to chose a pair this morning. I want to work my through the winter shoes before the weather changes...

Here are today's shoes. I'm wearing grey pinstripe wide leg pants and an eggplant sweater.

I bought these at Nordy's with a gift card from my aunt. The brand is Naughty Monkey. I love them because they're houndstooth. What's not to love about houndstooth? And it's hard to tell but they are actually a dyed calf skin or something of that nature. Add the patent straps and button and you come up with some fabo heels.

"I don't know who invented the high heel, but all women owe him a lot" -Marilyn Monroe

Let the voting begin.... "Keep!" "Toss!"

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Let the games begin.

I thought in order to begin the shoe show, I should do a little research.

In the U.S. ...
Pump: a woman's shoe that has medium or high heels and no fastening

In the U.K. ...
Pump: gym shoes
Court Shoes: pumps. lightweight heeled women's dress shoes with enclosed toes

Regardless of the differences, footwear is fundamental. I tallied my shoes, even categorized them...
Wear to Work shoes: 44 (this includes flats, pumps, peeps, and wedges)
Weekend shoes: 19 (this includes sandals, evening shoes, and sneaks)
Other: 1 pair running shoes, roughly 7 pairs of flip flops, a pair of f-uggs, and 2 pairs of cowboy boots.

Now for the rules.
1. Don a different pair daily.
2. Post a picture of the shoe choice daily.
3. Relay the origin of the shoes.
4. Open up the floor for a vote.
5. Set aside the "Toss" shoes to be sold/donated to my local Buffalo Exchange

Now it's time to put my best foot forward...
Day 1...
Here is the pair I wore today, a definite non-work boot, but still a wise purchase. I bought them at Nordy's at the half-yearly sale over the summer. I love the color of the leather, the side buckle, and the slight wedge. Attention! I have found the link to purchase these shoes, should you so desire...Click here to order them!

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