Thursday, December 30, 2010


Can you hear the horses?

This song makes me freakish..dancing around uncontrollably whether in the car, in my bathroom, or in the living room. I just can't help but fly my freak flag and get into the music!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Take A Chance.

This New Years, I'm making different resolutions. I resolve to take a chance. Walk on the wild side. Drink more good wine. Eat (and cook!) more good food. Spend more time with friends. And finally, to be as happy as can be.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cindy's Shoes

So my cousin Cynthia is getting married this weekend as you know...

We ran into a bit of a problem (but not one we couldn't solve!!!) when we ordered these shoes with the intent on dying them gold to go with the wedding...

And the cobbler said that dying wasn't possible!!! Alicia and mom and I sat around trying to figure out what to do. There was this piece of gold raw silk sitting next to the shoe and I started to weave it under the loop at the top of the shoe...we all gasped...with lots of tedious stitching and tacking, (and a lot of help and direction from my amazing mom), this is what I came up with for the wedding shoes:

(photo cred: cousin Julie)
I suppose I just expanded the Artisann line into wedding shoes!!!

NYE - yay or nay?

New Years Eve. One of the most talked about nights out of the year...maybe the most talked about. Growing up I was never allowed to go out for NYE (mean old mom!) (I'll probably do the same to my kids). As an adult, the few times I've gone out for NYE have been lots of fun, but maybe a little hyped up for my liking :)

All in all, it's a good excuse to get dolled up and have some fun with friends..

Are you going to be daring and rock these

or this?
or keep it classy with this
or this?
or sparkle and shine with this
or this?
I will be ringing in the New Year at my cousin's wedding with all my favorite people (sisters, cousins etc) (including Julie!) wearing the dark metal version of this with tights + boots if the weather gets cold!

cheers to 2011!! I know it's going to hold great things

(p.s. budget friendly finds tomorrow!!!)

Monday, December 27, 2010

UO bike shop

So did anyone else know that Urban Outfitters has a bike shop? How cool! (not the price). You can customize your own bike on here..

You can change up the colors of every piece!

or just press the Random button and see what they come up with!

Pretty cool...I was highly entertained for a good 10 minutes.
Choose between two bike choices and have fun.

Not ready!!!

This is what I saw just before leaving for work today..

(Teddy on left, Moses on right)
I haven't stayed over at my parents probably since last Christmas...but have stayed there three nights in a row. I swear, their house is like a vacuum. Once you start staying, it's hard to pack up and go home! Plus with both of my sisters, their spouses, and kids around, there was lots of persuading me to stay (and I caved easily).
Love these two striped kids.

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