Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hello, stems.

Most men tell you how it is. What's on their minds. What they want for dinner. What they think of your silly looking earrings. What their favorite thing about women is. And most men agree: the legs. I normally don't post about this, but The Sartorialist's recent post of this fabulous woman in her neon skirt getting on a motorcycle made me think of this point.

Her toned legs are incredible! How can I get those?

Friday, September 24, 2010


While I never use the word "hot" to describe looks (especially for women), doesn't she look hooottt in those Ray-bans? Work it, girl!

Thanks Garance :)

My dear Erica

My sweet cousin, Erica, is getting married next weekend. This weekend we're headed to the lake for relaxation and sunshine, and lots of wine and coffee drinking before the big day.

Erica + Evan last November in South Africa:

Julie, Erica, and I at Julie's bachelorette three years ago! Seems like yesterday!

Favorite picture of all time of me and Erica.... got our beers, got our bikinis, totally READY for tubing in the Comal.
I love you, sweet cousin. So excited for your big day and verrry excited for this weekend!!!
Happy weekend!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Easy A

Several reasons to go see Easy A.

1) This is not a typical teeny-bopper movie, in my opinion. It is a modern adaptation of Hester Prynne in the Scarlet Letter, only this comes about because of a false rumor spreading around high school.

2) The "fashion" choices in this movie are hysterical, and would really make a great Halloween costume (as LE pointed out while we were watching). She decides to "own" the rumors and sew red A's on a bunch of lingerie and wear it around as clothing...

3) I love the whole cast. Specifically Emma Stone-she was in Superbad and Housebunny if you remember. Also, Stanley Tucci plays the dad and Patricia Clarkson the mom. All three of their names in the movie are Olive (Stone), Dill (Tucci), and Rosemary (Clarkson). Funny, right? Amanda Bynes is in it too, playing a Jesus happy teenager. Penn Badgley (swoon) plays Woodchuck Todd (or Lobster Todd) and it's nice to see him in something besides Gossip Girl.

4) Here Woodchuck Todd and Olive are talking...Todd doesn't believe the rumors that are being spread about Olive and takes her side. (Note Jezebel sign in the back-lol)

5) Here flirting again-only he took the "punch the girl in the arm because you think she's cute" flirting, which almost caused her to fall in the pool. (Why do guys do that? A simple "hello" will do ... no need to punch/hit/pinch).
So, have I convinced you to go see it? I think it has a good message (don't spread rumors, duh) (and don't judge people..) and it is really funny too.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wedding present ideas.

Just cruising around blogland and saw Mary's post about dorm rooms...I saw this letter pillow and immediately thought-how cute for a wedding present!! That is, if you decide to stray from the registry (confession: I OFTEN DO!)

Now..why are you $98?! Ugh.


Yesterday's Who What Wear discussed polished ponytails. I am a fan of the ponytail. My dad always compliments me when I have my hair pulled back to show more of my face.

Zoe always knows best...

Have always had a girl crush on Rachel..

But Garance did mention to pony up with caution here...thoughts?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The last stretch of warmth

So I was totally going to blog about the fact that we're going to a relaxing lake house this weekend. And how I'd be pulling out my bathing suit one last time. And how we'd be getting some sun (and wine and coffee etc) but today's DailyCandy changed my mind..
Meet Emma of Emmadime:
a) she's TOTALLY cute! She's a freelance graphic designer and knitting aficionado.

b) I'm obsessively in love with this mustard knitted bitty bow headband.

The end.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Back to the present.

I am still alive! Survived two activity packed bachelorette parties in two cities for two great friends!

Sara and I being goofy at the bar..

Yesterday afternoon I wanted to crawl into bed and sleep it all off, but instead my roommate and I went grocery shopping and cooked up a storm for the week! Homemade vegetable soup (w/ Adzuki beans which are PACKED with good stuff), orzo pasta with shelled edamame and sauteed onions, and yellow (gluten free) cake batter cookies. We are set for the week!

This week will be full of errands and relaxing as I get ready for another fabulous bachelorette party...actually more of a "cousin trip" to Wimberly, Texas for my lovely cousin Erica. I can't wait to catch up with my cousins and drink endless amounts of coffee and wine all weekend! I hope the week speeds by.

Also...just picked up (and by picked up I mean downloaded off my iPhone) the new Ra Ra Riot album, the Orchard. Pretty tasty so far! They pre-released "Boy" a few months back, so you'll probably recognize that one.
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