Monday, September 20, 2010

Back to the present.

I am still alive! Survived two activity packed bachelorette parties in two cities for two great friends!

Sara and I being goofy at the bar..

Yesterday afternoon I wanted to crawl into bed and sleep it all off, but instead my roommate and I went grocery shopping and cooked up a storm for the week! Homemade vegetable soup (w/ Adzuki beans which are PACKED with good stuff), orzo pasta with shelled edamame and sauteed onions, and yellow (gluten free) cake batter cookies. We are set for the week!

This week will be full of errands and relaxing as I get ready for another fabulous bachelorette party...actually more of a "cousin trip" to Wimberly, Texas for my lovely cousin Erica. I can't wait to catch up with my cousins and drink endless amounts of coffee and wine all weekend! I hope the week speeds by.

Also...just picked up (and by picked up I mean downloaded off my iPhone) the new Ra Ra Riot album, the Orchard. Pretty tasty so far! They pre-released "Boy" a few months back, so you'll probably recognize that one.


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