Thursday, April 1, 2010

Seeing Stripes

I'm obsessed with Stripes. Literally. I gravitate to it in clothes, in pillows, in shoes, in helps that stripes are completely in style and available widespread. From a fantastic house that Julie and I are obsessed with shown on MadebyGirl. I can post about these shoes as much as I want, thank you.

via Coco + Kelley. These looks are luscious!

Getting romantic in stripes

The perfect weekend wear...Where can I find it (at a steal)?!

I would love my living room to look like this.

sweats and heels? I'm not sure I could pull this off but my roommate did it.

and these too. (plus we can keep remembering the late McQueen through posting them)

did you notice the shoes??? via Coco + Kelley.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oh, just strolling.

image via the Sartorialist
She is looking fierce with her Hermes and wedges. Wonder if she has her pajamas on under that coat? Ha!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How Tuesday: How To Be a Lady

This Tuesday's How To is about how a particular celebrity has **almost** turned into a lady. It appeared as though her onset of stardom did not come with adequate training/upbringing. As of late, the pictures prove otherwise. I am by no means her #1 fan, but Kristen Stewart has definitely improved, and she should be given credit. I mean, what has she got to be so upset about? Exactly! So it's time to embrace your newly found fame and look the part.

1. Don't slouch, hunch your shoulders, or look down. This is a rule for everyone, everyday, everywhere. No one will take you seriously if you look like you just got news that your house burned down. (how many people just sat up straight in their chairs?)

Not ideal:Much better:

2. Wash your hair. While this may seem obvious, to some it is not. I'm not saying wash it every day (because I think this has a drying effect on your hair, which is definitely not good), but let's cut the grease.
Not ideal:
3. Do your hair (again, not an up-do, but something). At first, Kristen had some kind of femullet going on, which is just not attractive! Apply some product, straighten it, put it in a pony tale, whatever you want-just something for crying out loud.
Not ideal:
Much better:
4. Wear something besides black. At first all she wore was black, and I don't think she was going to funeral after funeral. Femininity is OK. You can always wear black, but why not wear coral every now and again? (psst-that color kind of scares me, which is why I maybe have one or two items in my whole closet that are that color.)
Much better!
5. Wear heels. This helps with #1 and definitely makes you look like a lady. Plus they're bound to get some attention at the office with all your click clacking around. Just make sure you can walk.
Not ideal:Much better!

6. Wear a smile. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP OF ALL! If you don't have a smile, you don't have anything.
Much better!
Don't you think she has improved?
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