Friday, July 10, 2009

Beach day.

Swimwear is fabulous this year. Vintage inspiration takes us back to a more modest feel. Cover ups and over sized beach hats, wine spritzers and long walks. I love the beach.
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I absolutely adore anthropologie's swim collection. If only it didn't cost a holy fortune... JCrew has a new Jersey Lomellina line that "gives each suit a rich luminescent appearance and allows it to keep its shape longer". The Sartorialist posts gobs of images of everyday beach wear.
Just yesterday I proposed a beach day to my cousin. What is standing in our way? Short term obligations that will be wrapping up at the end of August...perfect timing to enjoy the end of the summer in Texas. We'll pack a cooler of snacks and wine and gab about fashion magazines and photography all day. Check her out here!
For now I'll enjoy lunches on patios and swimming at my parent's pool...until I can get the full effect!
Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's the time of year...

For a getaway. I crave the city around this time of year. I'm sure it's bloody hot, so I'll wait a little while.

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Last summer my mom and I ran away to NYC for a few days. I had just moved, we were overtired, recovering from our busy lives, and needed a getaway. These are some of our spots... La Grenouille, Pinkberry, NY Public Library, Empire State building, and shopping, shopping, and more shopping! We went to yoga at my cousin's studio, Mang'Oh. We slept in. We ordered in. And I believe I only bought one pair of shoes! They were Day 8's Snakeskins.

Next time I go to NYC, I'd like to go to Pastis for dinner. Balthazar's for lunch. Then shop till I drop... What are your stops in the city?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Insights for your work week.

What moves you? What shakes you? What stops you dead in your tracks?

I have several answers to these questions. I thought I should expand this blog to include these things, so you can learn a little more about me.

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1) Fashion: It moves me to hunt for bargains, buy more shoes, and find it in everyday life. It shakes me out of my comfort zone to experiment with my wardrobe. It has the ability to stop me dead in my tracks, plotting out ways to sneak a snapshot of the inspiration.

2) Music: It moves my soul. It shakes up my emotions. It does the reverse of holding me down-it lifts my spirits, gets me going, and may make me bust a move.

3) Art: It moves me to expand my talents. It shakes my view. It stops me dead in my tracks whether it's a modern sculpture downtown, a famous oil painting in Italy, or the giclee in my apartment.

Whatever it may be, let it continue to inspire you! All I want to do lately is sit down at the piano and jam out or pull down my box of paints and paint what's running through my head.

For now I'll just let it simmer a little more...

Happy Monday!
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***I have included a few of my recent favorite albums...Grizzly Bear, which I was able to see live a few weeks ago, Discovery, which is a recent combo of members from Vampire Weekend and Ra Ra Riot, and there is also an image of the members of Ra Ra Riot!
***Please bear with me while I test out "board" programs and decide what I like best! :D
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