Friday, November 20, 2009

Featuring: Style me for the Weekend! Brought to You by the A's of Fashion.

This is Anna and my second post together. We have had the BEST time creating looks together. The goal was to create a "Comfort Chic" outfit for this week's look. The velvet top gives the look an edgy elegance while the neutral colors are calming and winter-like. (Maybe this will inspire the cooler weather to stick around). Anna has a goal to keep her gifts local and hand crafted, so we added a few pieces from some local crafters. (Soon I'll be adding to that myself!)

Enjoy our second look, and look forward to the third in two weeks!
Velvet top $48: UrbanOutfitters
Tissue tee $32: JCrew
Clutch $22: Etsy
Scarf $25: Etsy
Belt $6.80: Forever21
Toothpick ankle cords $49.99: JCrew
Shoes $102: Zappos
Earrings $3.80: Forever21

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Here I Go.

I'm gone. Practically there already (I wish). I'll leave you with this. This is where I'll be for 2 weeks. The journey I'll be taking.

I have set up some posts for while I am gone, I hope you still follow me so that I don't come back to a dead blog :) But, who cares? I won't sacrifice this trip to keep blogging. I'm disconnecting, shutting down, recharging the batteries. Do you ever just think you're running TOO fast??? All the time??? Never stopping??? What is the dealio with that...will it always be like that? Sigh...I won't think about that now.

Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving. It's one of my favorite (no---THE favorite) holidays because you just eat! And celebrate what you're thankful for! No presents. No made-up fairies or bunnies. So everyone: Over-eat, over-sleep, over-play. :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How to Dress for the Office Holiday Party

A while ago someone asked me for advice on how to dress to your holiday office party. Due to the economy, there was no holiday party last year where I worked, but I did go to other holiday parties. I think it requires the perfect combination of festive + classy. I was on ModCloth last night and found ALL of these options there. There are SO MANY more too!

1. First ask what other people are wearing, or if there was an invitation, check for words like "formal" or "black tie".

2. Wear comfortable, but cute, heels. If the event is held down town there is a good possibility there are other similar events that night, which will cause a huge traffic jam and the potential need to park far away (ahem, first office holiday party I attended)

3. Just because you are not in the office does not give you the right to invite "the girls". Keep it classy!
4. Wear a little more make up than you would to work, but don't overdue it.
5. Bring a date if it is allowed and if it makes you feel more comfortable.
6. Bring a coat, wrap, sweater, or something to keep you warm. Remember, it's December! You'll probably take it off inside.
7. Keep the length appropriate. I think that a cocktail length dress is perfect for these things because you're usually eating and walking around chit-chatting.
8. Nothing skin tight. Seriously.
9. If you have several options to choose from, choose the one that makes you feel most confident! You'll be surrounded by your boss(es) after all.
10. Please remember this isn't prom...

Here are some ideas:

These are some HUGE hell no's:
Unless there is a theme and it is disco glam, then no. And no to this too.

These one is called Dangerous Liasons. Now if you were even CONSIDERING wearing this, sigh...we have other issues.

Every male there will be confused by this dress:

Monday, November 16, 2009

Baby gifts

I have seen THE CUTEST baby stuff lately. It's ridiculous. If you're like me, you have a lot of friends getting married and a lot who are now having babies. I'll be missing my dear friend LE's shower while I'm in South Africa, but LOOK WHAT IS ON HER REGISTRY!!!
I hope someone (or a group of people) get it for her. She loves owls and it's just the cutest! Baby Bliss is a local boutique that sells the most adorable things.

These have been my go-to baby rattles for gifts this year.

And did anyone realize that IKEA has baby toys???
I got my nephew a mobile there. It's hanging above his crib as we speak :) Oh dear...has anyone heard of a rocking moose?! This is so cute..
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