Friday, August 27, 2010

Inspired by an outfit

Subject: Diane Kruger's fabulous and unexpected color matches.

I've never thought to wear an icey/minty blue with a purple fuchsia before...have you? Diane has inspired me. Not only do I want to dress like she did, I want to decorate like this!

The calming effect of this paint in a room would be so soothing. Imagine--open up the breeze...sipping wine...ahhhh (although it would probably have to be white wine with this super light room!)
Very relaxed and beachy-love the sneak you get of the dining room!
Who DOESN'T love tiling in a bathroom?
I.Love.This.Room. The tufted velvet couch. The array of various framed florals. The funky lamp. The rich color on the walls! What's not to love?
Love the subtle POP of purple fuchsia in an otherwise animal room (ha).
What a bright pop of color on the floor! Reminds me of another post I saw somewhere in blog land..

Oh and happy Friday! I have a wedding to attend this weekend and other small things to do to get caught up from a busy week at work :)

Also-have you ever noticed how weird the spelling is for fucshia?!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fall Bags

The question most likely going through your head right now is: "Ann, how often do you use the Who, What Wear email blast for a blog subject?" I know, I'm hooked! But it's so useful! Spot on! Trendy! Stylish! I don't need an excuse it's my blog! :)

Anyways, moving on to handbags. Overall, for fall (ha-rhymed!) I'm seeing animal, studs, textures, fringe, and buckles. Love! My favorite below is the black texture Jerome Dreyfuss bag.

And my favorite bags around my three favorite stores (cue Anthro, Madewell, and JCrew) are here:

Love the fringe on this one!

The chains and buckle (and SMALL fringe!) are spot on here:

Love the distressed leather and the buckle!
Have any favorite handbags out there? Show me!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I didn't know I like figs, but I do! My family chomped down on some luscious appetizers of Texas figs and mozzarella cheese, lightly salted. Mmmmm it was delicious! This morning I had some on the side of my zucchini and goat cheese omelet and was curious as to the health benefits of these little babies. Cue research:

-One of the earliest fruits discovered, believed to be the favorite fruit of Cleopatra
-Rich in potassium, which helps maintain the blood pressure of the body
-Rich in dietary fiber, effective for weight management
-Eating fig leaves helps diabetics reduce insulin intake
-Reduces the risk of breast cancer (hellooooo huge!)
-Calcium and potassium reduces bone thinning and increases bone density
-etc. I'm sold. I thought they were just deliciously, lusciously, sweet chewy goodness...but no! They have benefits!

Aaaand... they're pretty!
Seen in a gorgeous spread below.. the rich tones are breathtaking!
love this color pallet for make up!
The early purpose of fig be modest lol..
And some luscious colors!
Whew, I learned so much...but totally worth it!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pantone 16-1546: Living Coral

Anyone seen Pantone's Fall color report? Yesterday's Who What Wear inspired me to do some further research on this season's hottest color: Living Coral.

I was always under the impression that such colors as those shown below were more of a Spring/early Summer trend, but I welcome these with open arms for this Fall. Gone are the days where we don the drab browns and muted make up. Jazz up your look with some Living Coral, Purple Orchid, or Golden Glow (don't mind if I do!!)

After further searching, I found the following looks that inspire me to try the color out myself for Fall:

Fall coral Jeffrey Monteiro

Fall coral runway looks
Rachel RoyWho What Wear: Rachel Bilson in a coral mini

And finally a Fall coral room!

I am loving this...who's with me?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Fall Trends: Sephora

Virginia got an email blast from Sephora with the following:

Bombshell hair (hello volume! teasing! curls!)

Red lips (oh so hot! I try to tone down the eyes at the same time..)

Plum shadows (love the plums! Most of my shadows are purples as it is.)

Now where is Fall!? Oh hello 104+ degree weather :( :(
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