Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fall Bags

The question most likely going through your head right now is: "Ann, how often do you use the Who, What Wear email blast for a blog subject?" I know, I'm hooked! But it's so useful! Spot on! Trendy! Stylish! I don't need an excuse it's my blog! :)

Anyways, moving on to handbags. Overall, for fall (ha-rhymed!) I'm seeing animal, studs, textures, fringe, and buckles. Love! My favorite below is the black texture Jerome Dreyfuss bag.

And my favorite bags around my three favorite stores (cue Anthro, Madewell, and JCrew) are here:

Love the fringe on this one!

The chains and buckle (and SMALL fringe!) are spot on here:

Love the distressed leather and the buckle!
Have any favorite handbags out there? Show me!!


  1. ooo, that last bag is HOT!!!
    gah! when is fall going to arrive?!?
    i have a anthro. purse i bought two years ago that i might break out for fall, i also have a purse i just brought from target that is amazing! it's huge, so i can fit everything into it and it was only $24 so i didn't break the ban! :P
    wishing you blue skies and fall leaves,

  2. ahhhh the bag I currently covet

    I'll take one in the cement or newsprint color.


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