Friday, October 29, 2010

Garance likes sparkle too.

See? Garance and I should be best friends. We both like Gossip Girl, and we both like Sparkle. What's more to decide?

Sparkle and Shine

As usual, Anthro bedazzles the new change in seasons. Day or night-friendly, sparkle and dazzling outfits are in. But does your budget have to be out? I took a look at Target and found some definite options to fit the trend.

Just a couple options to get you going...happy weekend!! (And Halloween!!!)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Covered Up

So remember my post about this fabulous poncho/cape at Madewell? I love it. It's $198. I live in Texas, so it'd be warm enough to cover me through Winter. (I probably won't buy it, but Julie's thinking about it!). Super fantastic merino-knit sweater.

At any rate, I thought we needed to look at the competition. We have the cocoon popover, made it double-faced cashmere...yours for only $1,200 (currently sold out, but they'll find a way to provide more).
Anthropologie offers this lovely slight military-esque cape in a green motif in wool. Same price as the Madewell cape, but completely different style/uses.
Then our go-to for the less expensive versions, Modcloth offers the Manta Ray in a wool blend for $72.99.

And if you just want to achieve the cape-look, without fully committing to the trend or the money, hop over to Old Navy (not the greatest quality, but at $30-40, you can risk it).

Or the Marled cable-knit (which I personally love) (even though I occasionally have a fear of turtle necks):

Happy shopping :)

Ps--if all you want is the Madewell cape, spend $100+ and get free shipping with the code SCORE.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Go on, flatter me.

Ok...when I think of cargo pants, I think of these..

Which are NOT the most a) feminine and b) flattering pants on the block.

My roommate was telling me of the wonders and miracles of these new JCrew cargo pants. They're a skinny leg-in the pant, and on your body. She went on and on how she bought them in an emergency situation and is now in the point of wanting the other color.

This morning I saw them on her body...let me tell you, the best fitting pants I've seen! So cute, great fit, and flatter her oh so well. The price tag is a little steep, but could be worth it...we have to suffer to be beautiful you know.. way to go, JCrew Trouper pant.

Ps-sorry I was out sick, feeling a little better and getting back on track :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Was out sick yesterday, and am scrambling to get caught up!!! Be back soon :)
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