Saturday, February 19, 2011


You heard me. I'm out of the office...and out of commission. Leaving on a (few) (long) jet plane(s) to Africa....

See you in a week...maybe?

In my absence, go ahead and buy the new Radiohead album. Things like this don't happen every day..

Friday, February 18, 2011


One day I would really really like to be in attendance at fashion week.

Doesn't it look fabulous?

This time, I'll settle with a trip to Africa.


I'm quite ready to escape to Cyn's play list (as requested) ready and anxious to get this show on the road.

ps I'm wearing Orange Fizz by Chanel...

Happy Friday!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pack these on my trip.

Just a few things caught my eye in the Madewell new arrivals...

A hippie satchel..

I love these outrageous glasses and the swoop of her hair..

How about a cute bowling bag?
Rockin wedges.

The buck stops with these..

Simple tank, and relaxed hair..

Subtle shimmer, sultry waves.
Would someone mind grabbing all these for me? :D

All Star.

How cute are these new Converse styles? Made with Marimekko prints, sold online!

I'm a big fan of prints and patterns in my clothes, and of comfortable shoes. May have to snag a pair!


Love the maximum volume in this maxi boots, great bag, and coffee on the run.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Remember my post yesterday about meeting Ree?? Well I didn't know I'd get to meet the whole fam! (they were present, but I did my best not to stalk them all).

Even Marlborro Man was there (real name Ladd Drummond), signing books as well. His line was very popular as you can imagine. My friend Mandy said "what should I say to him?" and I jokingly replied "Hi, you have a nice butt" since that's mostly what Ree posts of him.

All in all, a successful evening out to get our books signed and chat in line with people who stalk Ree incessantly as well (or even worse!)
Took some pics but will have to post those later..

Monday, February 14, 2011


Wheels off-here it is...

Brides everywhere beware!!!

So excited.

Today I get to meet Ree.

You've all heard of her, right? The Pioneer Woman? Well if you haven't, get on it. Spend an hour or 12 reading her love story.
Here's her husband, whom she affectionately refers to as Marlboro Man (not because of any nicotine habits):
Here are the kiddos:

And here she is in her element: cooking up a storm in the kitchen:
Can't wait to meet her tonight with my sister at her stop here for the book tour.
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