Friday, November 12, 2010


She's fabulous. From her head to her toes.

image via The Sartorialist

6 (maybe more) Reasons to Love Alexis Bledel

As if you need any reasons...but here are 6 reasons to love Alexis Bledel, in relation to the recent Who What Wear post.

1-perfect skinny jeans in a great wash and great length

2-great crisp, white blouse

3-killer one shoulder evening dress

4-fabulous nude make up

5-foxy bangs

6-caged up heels

and just for good measure, another reason I love her is because of her time on Gilmore Girls. You know it's true-you loved her too.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sassy-short pants.

Love the sass. Love the bun. Love the bangs. Love the short pants.

image via the Sartorialist

Winter Wedding

My cousin Cyn gets married January 1. We're all trying to figure out what to wear for a Winter wedding. I also have friends attending Winter weddings...

I love this dress, but not the price tag.
Any other suggestions before I peruse the world of budget shopping?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

thank you

ahead of time, for purchasing these for me. they're really practical and the price is thanks. it was really kind of you to think of me in such a small way.
jk..but what i wish is that the price was one decimal place to the left...because these rock my socks off.

Plaid vs. Tartan

So, what's the difference between tartan and plaid anyway?

First, let's define.

Plaid: plaid is a material; a pleated cloth often made into a kilt, and can be made of tartan.
Tartan: a pattern of criss-crossing horizontal and vertical stripes in multiple colors.

Confusion continues. In North America, tartan and plaid are used simultaneously, but in Scotland, a plaid is a tartan cloth slung over the shoulder or a blanket.

So..bottom line-plaid is the material or fabric, tartan is the pattern. I get it...

Bottom line, I love tartan. That is obvious from here, and here, and I also like houndstooth..which is off topic but who cares.

Apologies for lack of blogging yesterday. Work/life can get in the way of e-life rude!
Some tartan around town..
So obviously, tartan is a PATTERN, as evidenced by the sparkly top above..

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Tartan Tale

You know I'm obsessed with tartan. Katie showed me Mac's ad campaign...alllllll tartannnnnnnnn! Omg..

What I love: the mixed colors in the pattern, her bold cheeks and lips, her lightly penciled eyebrows, and her out-of-control hair.
Also, over the weekend I went to the outlets to Christmas shop. Went to the JCrew outlet, and bought a men's xs flannel tartan plaid shirt. I'm absolutely in love with's long enough to wear as more of a tunic with a belt. Plus it was a steal! Maybe I'll shop in the men's section now...

Update on Studs.

After searching for a while...this is all I've found so far as a substitute for the budget buster studded Valentino's...

Anyone else have any budget finds??
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