Friday, November 12, 2010

6 (maybe more) Reasons to Love Alexis Bledel

As if you need any reasons...but here are 6 reasons to love Alexis Bledel, in relation to the recent Who What Wear post.

1-perfect skinny jeans in a great wash and great length

2-great crisp, white blouse

3-killer one shoulder evening dress

4-fabulous nude make up

5-foxy bangs

6-caged up heels

and just for good measure, another reason I love her is because of her time on Gilmore Girls. You know it's true-you loved her too.


  1. I LOVE her on Gilmore Girls!!!!!
    One day I hope to own that series!!!! She is just SO adorable!!!!!
    Have a beautiful day,

  2. i think this has more to do with your obsession with her tv show when you were little :-)


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