Friday, December 3, 2010

Stay warm

and fabulous.


I mean, I'm all about taking fashion risks, but I have to be honest...I'm glad my hair doesn't look this frightening when I wake up in the am.

Amarillo by evening..

Yes, that's right. Headed back to Amarillo this weekend. You may remember my post from the summer trip. It's actually rare for me nowadays to make two trips a year to this lovely place, but our Mammaw is turning 80, so we're getting together to celebrate!

First thing on the agenda on Saturday morning? Chocolate chip pancakes....

Julie (and her husband Chris) and I are staying at Mammaw and Pawpaw's house so we can have first dibs :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The atypical.

I like the odd dishes and kitchenware that Anthropologie sells. I also like mugs and cups that are more rustic... As I spied the section on their site, I was picturing the perfect outfit to wear with it..
...waking up in the morning to a nice mug of coffee.... a relaxed striped tunic (perhaps with leggings, boots, and a shawl sweater?)...
...sitting down to dinner in this unique flatware...
...with candlelight, something warm, and this rich colored dress...
...sipping some tea (or a hot toddy?) in the evening... this sweet little frock...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Wouldn't it be great if you could write up an Anthro wish list (one a month? one per catalog? one any old time you feel like it?) and some little fairy would purchase those things for you...without tampering with your credit card? Someone please figure out a way to make that happen.

Alicia and I got the catalog in the mail yesterday. Some very bold prints and patterns...and some very classic staples. In particular, I held open the page with the booties at the bottom with a lemon so Al would be sure to see it.

How practical are these pants!? So cute!

I love the patterns and lines on this cardigan.
What is up with these booties!? They are cute..daring..intriguing...don't you think?

Alright..back to reality. Sigh...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Full of Feathers

I absolutely love feathers. I love them on headbands, as earrings, adorning clothing...everything. Today's DailyCandy inspired this post with the last picture...the feather mobile. I'm determined to make one to avoid the large sticker price on it!

(1) From my shop, plush purple feather headband
(2) From Anthropologie, the Season's Fleetings Wreath (they also have trees!!)
(3) From JCrew, the plumage mini

(4) From JCrew, the feather tippet

(5) Also from JCrew, the Feather and ribbon elastic belt (SO CUTE!)
(6) From Forever 21, Feather earrings
(7) And finally, from After All, the Driftwood Mobile

Isn't it divine!?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Just in time for the holidays..

Finally..I've pulled myself out of a longggggggg nap and revamped my etsy site. I re-took ALL the pictures with ALL the new pieces, and posted them up for all to see. Notice the second display spot? Oh ya...a big, tartan, fabulous bow band. You know I'm obsessed.

Spread the word, stop on over...grab one or two or ten in time for holiday gift giving!! :)
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