Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A tribute and a thank you.

I'd like to be featured on the Sartorialist. No I take that back, I'd like to be the Sartorialist. Capturing fashion in every day life, on the street, in a cafe, at a bar, at the grocery store. I'd probably back track in technology and take Polaroid shots. I'd probably recruit a few friends to help cover the masses, fellow fashion addicts. What I love about Mr. Schuman's posts is he has such an eye for different types of fashion. Sometimes I stop and stare at people walking in the mall and just take it in. My mom and I do this wherever we go. Stop-politely stare-discuss. What did we like about the look? What did we not? What would we change? How could we recreate it ourselves using the textiles and embellishments we already have? Does the look represent a new trend or a twist on a classic?

This post I've chosen as my current desktop background. I usually use one of his photos until I'm inspired by another to change it, which could happen twice in one week.

(c) the Sartorialist.

If Mr. Schuman himself ever read this post, I'd like to say thank you for feeding my hunger for daily global fashion. He presents it in its most raw form-in daily life! No spot lights, no airbrushing (right?), just ordinary people going about their day. Wait, I'd like to look that good in my daily life...

Jolt of Juice

So this has to do with neither fashion nor footwear, but fruit!!!! I do not think there is a more delicious way to start the morning than with Jamba Juice. Still out of town for work, which slightly squashes my morning routine since I have no fridge of food or secret stash of oatmeal when I get to work. I must go hunt and gather for food (well, not literally, come on.) My coworker and I took a short walk and found paradise-in juice form! After much persuasion from the Jamba juicer, I got a Pomegranate Paradise:

Hopefully it will eliminate me feeling like this:

And help me have a jolt of energy like this:

Let's be honest, I will not be jumping for joy with over-sized cordless phone and Journal in hand, but I'm sure that's more work appropriate than me in a bikini on the beach with a Pina Colada....ho hum... Happy Tuesday!

Note: For those of you who are wondering, I wore Day 35's Bitten grey peep toes!

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Airport.

I will be travelling for a few weeks for work, so I travelled via plane today. The airport has rules to follow, and I'm always shocked when I encounter someone who has not heard of said rules before their date of travel. It's been a few years now that you are required to remove your shoes before going through security. Some brainiac hid some device in his shoes at one point and now we're all paying for it.

Today I chose to wear Day 11's Foxy Flat because removal is easy and rushing through the airport is effortless. It got me thinking about the shoes you should not wear to the airport. Those with laces, difficult zippers, or strings. Those with heels greater than 3 inches. I'll just show you what I mean:

Of course you don't want to be wearing these just because they're comfortable, or really ever:

well at least until you're 90. Regardless, I try to remain inconspicuous at the airport; ticket and ID ready in hand, shoes off and laptop out, step through without beeping, putting shoes back on, scurrying to gate. Minimal drama, maximum satisfaction. With that said, I think I might prefer driving over flying next time...
"You can go by bus, you can go by train,You can go by camel in a bureau drawer. Just go, go, go, I don't care how! Marvin K. Mooney, will you please go NOW!!"-Dr. Seuss
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