Friday, April 29, 2011

Make up your mind!


or two??


or two??


or two??

sometimes it's a really tough decision...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

JCrew May catalog

Of course it's adorable. Of course. The current catalog is all about love-and includes best friends, real life couples, and real life kiddos. So presh.

Isn't this totes cute? (the couple, and the totes).

I think she nailed the nerdy/cute look.

Jenna's picks are always so dreamy!

And is it weird that I'm really into her eyebrows?

As well as their eyebrows...

I heart..

monogram. Really, it's nearly an obsession. I bought an A for Alicia and my living room wall. I have a B in my kitchen window. I have A mugs and A tea cups. And now Anthropologie comes out with one more, heartbreaking-ly adorable mug...monogrammed.

if only they had monogram sheet sets, my life would be complete...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal Fascinators

This DailyCandy video has me intrigued. Hat maker Eugenia Kim shows us how to make quick and easy fascinators in this short clip.

My cousin Cindy (the one in S Africa) asked me recently what I thought of "fascinators" that the British ladies are wearing lately. Being that I am a maker of headbands and hair pieces, I'm obviously a fan of head wear in general. Lately I haven't been wearing much more than a bun on top of my head, but the upcoming nuptials might be an occasion to change that.

Kate Middleton is a frequent wearer of these feathers, and keeps it classy and fairly simple.

Inspiration can also be taken from SJP, and she definitely isn't afraid to go the extra mile!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cleaning out the cobwebs, and starting fresh.

So you remember my condo revamp right? It stems from purchasing the couch.

My roommate and I were drawn to the frame hanging frenzy on Young House Love (see it here) and are trying to recreate it at my place. After weeks of magazine tear outs pasted on the random frames...and now to this, everyone had their doubts (and voiced them!!). I do think it turned out nicely so far, don't you? Still a few mats left to buy and that upper space on the top left leaves me wondering how to fill it...any thoughts?

(sorry for the low quality phone pics..was in a rush to get out the door this am!)

This is a quick and clean painting I did myself. Sometimes, if you've got a simple idea, it might be easier (and cheaper!!) to do it yourself. The goal was to also tie into that pink/salmon color of some of the couch pillows (seen here).

The project is not complete...I think we need more frames to get it nice and tight on the wall. But, as with most things, it's a gradual process of accumulating pieces I love and getting them a spot on the wall.

Share your thoughts!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Climbing back out...

Out of the blog vacation...out of the shadows...out of the cobwebs.

Why a blog vacation?

-If I'm being honest, I really took a "social network" vacation. In order to decipher the meaning of this, let's define the terms.

social network: a social structure made up of individuals (or organizations) which are tied by one or more specific types of interdependency...such as common interest, ... dislikes, .... beliefs, ...or knowledge.

vacation: a leave of absence from a regular occupation...

We all get caught up in the intertwined networks of the internet. Facebook, blogging, celebrity gossip sites...checking out old friends' pictures, making comparisons of the "picture perfect" display to your own life.

But wait...why should we compare to other peoples' online portrayal of their lives to our own true life? That's not right..anyone can make their life look seemingly perfect and effortless on the internet...but what you must realize is that we all have flaws, shortcomings, and imperfections in our worlds. Sure it's not necessary to focus on the bad, but it's not very truthful to only show the good.

Taking a step back has helped me refocus my energy on my own life, instead of on my positive portrayal of my life, or how others perceive my life. My life is great! Great job...great friends...great family (and cousin)...great home...great bf...and not only that, but I have two hands, two feet, 10 fingers, 10 toes, and a strong will to get things done and make a difference bit by bit.

Be calm, be at peace, be content. This is what I will hold onto as I jump back into the social relm.

Thanks for your support and patience :)
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