Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cleaning out the cobwebs, and starting fresh.

So you remember my condo revamp right? It stems from purchasing the couch.

My roommate and I were drawn to the frame hanging frenzy on Young House Love (see it here) and are trying to recreate it at my place. After weeks of magazine tear outs pasted on the wall...to random frames...and now to this, everyone had their doubts (and voiced them!!). I do think it turned out nicely so far, don't you? Still a few mats left to buy and that upper space on the top left leaves me wondering how to fill it...any thoughts?

(sorry for the low quality phone pics..was in a rush to get out the door this am!)

This is a quick and clean painting I did myself. Sometimes, if you've got a simple idea, it might be easier (and cheaper!!) to do it yourself. The goal was to also tie into that pink/salmon color of some of the couch pillows (seen here).

The project is not complete...I think we need more frames to get it nice and tight on the wall. But, as with most things, it's a gradual process of accumulating pieces I love and getting them a spot on the wall.

Share your thoughts!!!


  1. Maybe you could put the skinny long one on top and then other frames below? Or you could do another montage of smaller ones in the space to break up the bigger pieces on the left...looks great so far!

  2. I love this idea as well. I've been collecting items the do this in our dining room :)

  3. looks FANTASTIC!
    maybe a few small 3x5 frames in that empty space? Not my area of expertise, but that may look nice?

  4. I agree with the other comenters. Some small little frames all in a row in that corner may look nice. Or a little bunting banner, or go to Joann's and get a long and skinny canvas board and write a quote on it.
    I LOVe the look of this wall!! You did an AMAZING job!!!

  5. I love this and what they did on YHL. I want to do it in my 'studio' (guest bedroom/office) but on a smaller area. we'll see when i get around to it!

  6. Hiiii Ann! I did this in our living room and used this link as a guide: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/ny/at-email/how-to-hang-art-in-groups-like-kate-spade-050872

    So if you want to use the salmon picture, maybe move it just a bit more center, and let that be the focal point around which everything cascades? I love all the different shapes!


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