Friday, February 26, 2010

Channing Tatum

Did anyone see Dear John? Since our flight was cancelled last night, mom and I went to see it. Umm, if you don't like sappy movies, one reason to go is to see Channing Tatum. Good Lord he's good looking. The movie was good, though. It's been a long time since I read the book by Nicholas Sparks, but we enjoyed it. We laughed, we cried, we cried some more...what? We're women!

Remember his other films? My personal favorites are:

1. She's the Man with Amanda Bines (2006)

That's Amanada Bines as a boy on the right...

2. Step Up (1 and a brief appearance in 2) (2006 & 2008)

and now Dear John.

Dear Snow Storm

please get out of my way so i can go on vacation.

the end.

p.s., i'm at work...fantastic....

Thursday, February 25, 2010


What? Anthropologie has a sister store? Don't hold your breathe ladies, the prices are way more!! Sure makes Anthropologie look like a drop in the bucket :)

Regardless, it is gorgeous..I give you Leifsdottir.

In the words of the designer, Johanna Uurasjarvi, "she is a modern woman, who wants to look pretty and polished, while showing off her personality".

Happy Weekend...

Weekend comes early for me, and stays later! I'm leaving for a little getaway to see friends and spend time with the parents. See you Tuesday! In the mean time, be sure to check out my shop! :)
And a poem by Maya Angelou (I love her)
Life Doesn't Frighten Me At All
Shadows on the wall
Noises down the hall
Life doesn't frighten me at all
Bad dogs barking loud
Big ghosts in a cloud
Life doesn't frighten me at all
Mean old Mother Goose
Lions on the loose
They don't frighten me at all
Dragons breathing flame
On my counterpane
That doesn't frighten me at all.
I go boo
Make them shoo
I make fun
Way they run
I won't cry
So they fly
I just smile
They go wild
Life doesn't frighten me at all.
Tough guys fight
All alone at night
Life doesn't frighten me at all.
Panthers in the park
Strangers in the dark
No, they don't frighten me at all.
That new classroom where
Boys all pull my hair
(Kissy little girls
With their hair in curls)
They don't frighten me at all.
Don't show me frogs and snakes
And listen for my scream,
If I'm afraid at all
It's only in my dreams.
I've got a magic charm
That I keep up my sleeve
I can walk the ocean floor
And never have to breathe.
Life doesn't frighten me at all
Not at all
Not at all.
Life doesn't frighten me at all.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

have you seen my newest?

Alice in Wonderland headbands!
Check it..

A few samples..stop over to my shop!


That's one of many nicknames for my cousin. Another nickname? Absolute rockstar!!! Mosey on over to the lovelies blog and VOTE FOR HER! She has been nominated for her badass blog and I want her to win!!!!!
SO GO VOTE FOR HER!!!!!!! please...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Artisann

My cousin suggested I start a separate blog to talk about my headbands. Here we go! On here I'll post gifts I make and items I don't sell via Etsy. Thanks for your support!

How Tuesday: How To Clean Your House in Ten Minutes

Sounds impossible right? Well, we're not talking about deep cleaning, or Spring cleaning by any means, we're talking about quick cleaning. The cleaning that happens when you get home from work with arms full of groceries and you're about to have people for dinner but the place looks a mess. The cleaning that happens when you're mom says she's going to pop in on her way home. The cleaning that happens ... well any time you're short on time!!

How to do it?
Simple steps.

1. Focus in on the most noticeable, what people will see. So if the bedrooms are not front and center, close the doors and move on!
2. Put all dishes from the sink into the dishwasher. (2 minutes)
3. Do a quick spray down of the kitchen counters. (1 minute)
4. Pick up magazines, mail, and other paper from around the room and put in a centralized location (like a tray) (1 minute)
5. Put all stray clothes, shoes, and coats from the living areas to the respective bedrooms (1.5 minutes)
6. Vacuum like a mad woman (or man) (3 minutes)
7. Spray down visible mirrors (1 minute)
8. Light a candle! (.5 minute)

Remember this is a quick fix. You should later go back and actually wash your dishes, sort the mail/paper, and fold the clothes that made their way back into the bedrooms. It takes longer to make beds, dust, and mop so do those when you have more time as well!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Sticking to the theme of the day (babies) and in an effort to make your day a little brighter....via here at Apartment #34.

And the woman of the year award goes to...

My dear friend LE!!!! I met LE when I was about... 9 years old. She's my oldest sister, Audra's, best friend and the current heroine of our lives. She and her husband Josh (who we absolutely adore as well) were anxiously awaiting their baby (12 days over her due date). LE decided on a home birth with the same midwife that delivered Audra's first, Joe. However, come Monday and no baby, LE would have to be induced or possibly even have a C-section! Thankfully the little (ok not so little at 9+ pounds..) bean decided to start the journey to the world on Friday evening! Little did anyone know that it would take 3 days...(approx. 52 hours of NATURAL LABOR with 3 hours of pushing!) break through! Livia Pauline is here to stay! She is the epitome of perfection and I cannot wait to meet her! (I will pose as the cool auntie that always has gum!)
Mama and baby

precious baby!

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