Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How Tuesday: How To Clean Your House in Ten Minutes

Sounds impossible right? Well, we're not talking about deep cleaning, or Spring cleaning by any means, we're talking about quick cleaning. The cleaning that happens when you get home from work with arms full of groceries and you're about to have people for dinner but the place looks a mess. The cleaning that happens when you're mom says she's going to pop in on her way home. The cleaning that happens ... well any time you're short on time!!

How to do it?
Simple steps.

1. Focus in on the most noticeable, what people will see. So if the bedrooms are not front and center, close the doors and move on!
2. Put all dishes from the sink into the dishwasher. (2 minutes)
3. Do a quick spray down of the kitchen counters. (1 minute)
4. Pick up magazines, mail, and other paper from around the room and put in a centralized location (like a tray) (1 minute)
5. Put all stray clothes, shoes, and coats from the living areas to the respective bedrooms (1.5 minutes)
6. Vacuum like a mad woman (or man) (3 minutes)
7. Spray down visible mirrors (1 minute)
8. Light a candle! (.5 minute)

Remember this is a quick fix. You should later go back and actually wash your dishes, sort the mail/paper, and fold the clothes that made their way back into the bedrooms. It takes longer to make beds, dust, and mop so do those when you have more time as well!


  1. Those are great tips. I am going to forward it to my husband since I will be returning home tomorrow after 10 days :)

    On another note I was thinking since you are the most fabulous mixer matcher maybe sometime you could do a "how to" on color co-ordinating.

  2. you are so cute!! teaching me how to clean my house among fashion tips!?!? LOVE!


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