Monday, February 22, 2010

And the woman of the year award goes to...

My dear friend LE!!!! I met LE when I was about... 9 years old. She's my oldest sister, Audra's, best friend and the current heroine of our lives. She and her husband Josh (who we absolutely adore as well) were anxiously awaiting their baby (12 days over her due date). LE decided on a home birth with the same midwife that delivered Audra's first, Joe. However, come Monday and no baby, LE would have to be induced or possibly even have a C-section! Thankfully the little (ok not so little at 9+ pounds..) bean decided to start the journey to the world on Friday evening! Little did anyone know that it would take 3 days...(approx. 52 hours of NATURAL LABOR with 3 hours of pushing!) break through! Livia Pauline is here to stay! She is the epitome of perfection and I cannot wait to meet her! (I will pose as the cool auntie that always has gum!)
Mama and baby

precious baby!

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