Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Say Hello to Happy.

Tucked amidst the hustle-bustle of the City, two of my cousins, Cynthia and Erica, own a smashing yoga studio in Manhattan called Mang'Oh. Erica teaches a medly of yoga classes (lunchbox yoga anyone?) and Cynthia runs the business. Not only are they the cutest business owners ever, but they have a passion for everything that this is about.

They have owned the studio for two years and have done incredible things with it. The interior is so peaceful and zen. Our family has each done their part in making it what it is today, through hard labor or sewing or entertaining.

They offer unlimited yoga for $110 a month...I don't think that exists outside of Mang'Oh!

Stop by their site, which is also on my favorites. Stop by their studio, which is on your way to a new you.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How to Make Baked Brie

Last week I had some friends over for a little wine and cheese. My sister, Virginia, just moved back home with her family, so she shared her awesome baked brie recipe with me. She said it is a total crowd pleaser, and I believed her because I have been part of that crowd :)

The secret is -- it is SO easy!!! This is a great appetizer to prepare during the cooler months (is that going to happen in Texas?)

You will need:

1 tube of Pillsbury crescent rolls

1 jar of jam - we prefer preserves but we tried Pumpkin butter this time and it was fantastic!!
1 ounce of chopped almonds or nuts (you can chop them yourself and it is usually cheaper; I used almonds this time)
1 "round" of brie

rolling pin
cookie sheet


Heat oven to *375. Sprinkle flour on the counter top and roll out the crescent roll dough. It is slightly difficult to do this since the dough has been perforated for the rolls and it not the easiest to roll out in general. Lay brie in the center. Make sure you have enough dough on the sides to pull up and over the brie and pinch together (but don't do that yet!). Spread preserves/pumpkin butter on top (I do it generously :)). Sprinkle nuts on top. Pull up and pinch sides of dough over the brie, preserves, and nuts and pinch to close. It is very important that it is closed! Bake for roughly 15ish minutes or until brownish/gold on top.
When serving, cut out a slice (like a pie) and leave it in the brie, or the cheese will run out. This will serve the purpose of cooling it a bit, and enticing your guests to go ahead and sample some! I made 2 baked Bries for 10 people, and had a bit left over. I was not able to take a snapshot of the end result :( But it should come out looking something like this...ours is usually pinched up to the center on the top, but still a good picture :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Mini tea party?

How about a mini tea party with mini Eames chairs? I'll take it, since I cannot yet afford the life size ones. ( I posted about the wire one designed for Herman Miller that I'd like one day here )

Thank you for the idea of mini chairs, Nicole Balch from Making it Lovely!

State Fair of Texas

The State Fair rolls into town once a year for a few weeks. There's talk of making it permanent. I don't know if my waistline can handle more than once a year of eating the deep fried madness.

My friend Maggie came in town that day and I thought this was the PERFECT way to start her time in Texas!

Fried Oreos

Fried cookie dough
Fried butter anyone? We didn't try it either.

We rode the Ferris wheel, aka the Texas Star, which was much higher than we realized...currently the tallest in North America!

Success! I am finally taller than the height requirements!

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