Saturday, February 6, 2010

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Happy Saturday :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

When Anna Wintour tells you that you're overweight, the next thing you do is hit the gym.

These are the words of Andre Leon Talley, American editor-at-large for Vogue. He absolutely cracks me up. Why? Look at his outfits!!

Enough about Andre, these words were meant to describe an interaction between Anna and the camera man, Bob Richman, who appeared in the September Issue (on film and print) and whom Anna determined to look fat and need photo-shopping.

(Bob on left)

Not only does Anna's opinion dictate the fashion world as we know it, but it dictates the gym habits of Bob Richman. Her opinion means that much that even the praised camera man hit the gym. Good job, Bob.

Friday thoughts

Hop on over to my Etsy shop!!! Great ideas for Valentine's in stock. I take custom orders, so keep that in mind as well. Also, notice on the right that I put an Etsy mini on my blog! (Anna helped :)) Hopefully she and I will get our act together to do a Style page for you next week.

Also, funny... only in Texas do the UPS men wear UPS COWBOY HATS! Saw it on my drive to work this morning...While I couldn't find a picture online, I did find this cute little guy.

Have a wonderful weekend!!! I'm off to Houston to be with my cousin Julie and her hubby Chris :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Don't know WHAT to believe...

regardless, no little girls I know are allowed to associate or be friends with these hooches.

confession: I spelled the word above aloud at first, then proceeded to have a five minute conversation with Courtney about my confusion as to how it is meant to be spelled. Sigh.

Follow-up Post...

Maybe everyone was wrong?

New respect for 1021 the Edge-and even less respect for the Cyrus family..

Local radio station, kind of your rock/edgy station. This am, they were discussing Miley Cyrus' little 8 year old sister launching a lingerie line for girls ages 9-14 called Ooh! La, La!

article HERE.

Are you disgusted yet?! I am. One of the male hosts asked if girls have boyfriends at age 9. A female host said often they do. He replied that if he should have a daughter he's just going to sell her on eBay because he can't handle this world for girls.... valid point! Maybe I should just lock my future daughters in the house at all times and play classic movies like Sound of Music and My Fair Lady so they don't want to go out and wear lingerie at age 9.....or 14 for the matter!!!!!!

I can't even believe it. Still. In. Shock.

Moms-modesty is a much better lesson for kids than trashiness. Just sayin'.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

9 Chic Shoe Rules

Let's get back to Shoes. We haven't talked about them recently! I just saw this article with the above title and thought I'd share. It even says (and I believe this to be a fact obviously) that when you are blue, buying a new pair is an instant mood lifter. Now for the rules...which after my shoe challenge I was much more apt to take into consideration...

(awesomely fierce CL's)

1. Don't be hobbled by discomfort. It's ungraceful to walk around in painful shoes and let's be honest, you end up sitting on your butt all day in your cube avoiding any movement.

2. Dare to wear brights. If your clothes are more neutral, spice them up with your shoes! Then again, if the opposite is true, stick to more neutral shoes.

3. Wear what's appropriate. Match your shoes to the outfit-dressy for dressy, casual for casual.

4. Going outdoors? Say no to stilletos. Don't you hate it when your heel gets stuck in the grass!? Easiest way to prevent that is to avoid stilletos on your golf outting.

5. Make a statement. Depending on the look, complete it down to your feet...

6. Va-va-voom shoes have their place. So probably not at the office, unless you want to appear in a texts-from-9-to-5 post.

7. Pair sky-high shoes with tame hemlines. Short dress + high heels = danger of looking like Pretty Woman.

8. Wear flats with properly hemmed clothes. I sooooo broke this rule on Monday (SHHHHHHHHHH!) and my pants dragged past my flats...which left me feeling like a frumpy midget.

9. Think about balance. Wear strappy with delicate clothes, wear chunky with bold clothes...and I think it also must be said to wear shoes you can WALK in! You'll look ridiculous (you know it, they know it) if you attempt the unwalkable.

See more of the article here.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Exciting News!!!

Happy Groundhog's day!!! You know what that means...
The "How Tuesday" is just going to HAVE to move to Wednesday this week. I'm excited to announce that my Etsy shop is UP AND RUNNING!

This is my FIRST ORDER to my sister, Audra. She ordered two felt flower headbands. I have her invoice, my card, and her purchases all tucked in this bubble mailer (the more ornate headbands are shipped in boxes so they won't be crushed!) and I will be taking them to the post office tomorrow for her!!!

Thank you to my sisters, Virginia & Audra, my cousin Julie, Maggie, Abri, Marina, and my gals at work for making me SO EXCITED to share this!! :D
STOP BY and check it out!!! (When I first posted this I forgot to include my shop addy...)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Chanel: Recession Friendly

Tattoos are Spring's hottest accessories, speaks the article below. What better way to don Chanel in a recession infested environment than with their temporary tattoos, launching mid February for $55-75?
(click on the picture below to read the article clearly)

Would Coco approve? I have to say I'm VERY intrigued...


Assuming I find a free download-able photo editor for my mac tonight (to re size photos to smaller jpeg---any suggestions???) and assuming I round up some courage, my shop will open TOMORROW! (which, obviously, I meant to open it on the 2nd of the month. Why would I want something like this to being on the 1st? Truly it was my intention all along to open on Groundhog Day 2010...)

Further note, this photo shows ABSOLUTELY zero relevancy to headbands or fashion, but it does paint the clearest picture of my everyday life...jk!
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