Thursday, February 4, 2010

New respect for 1021 the Edge-and even less respect for the Cyrus family..

Local radio station, kind of your rock/edgy station. This am, they were discussing Miley Cyrus' little 8 year old sister launching a lingerie line for girls ages 9-14 called Ooh! La, La!

article HERE.

Are you disgusted yet?! I am. One of the male hosts asked if girls have boyfriends at age 9. A female host said often they do. He replied that if he should have a daughter he's just going to sell her on eBay because he can't handle this world for girls.... valid point! Maybe I should just lock my future daughters in the house at all times and play classic movies like Sound of Music and My Fair Lady so they don't want to go out and wear lingerie at age 9.....or 14 for the matter!!!!!!

I can't even believe it. Still. In. Shock.

Moms-modesty is a much better lesson for kids than trashiness. Just sayin'.


  1. How sad/disgusting!!!
    They wouldn't even be able to have the kids model the lingerie without being arrested for child-porn. Oh i hope that happens actually, they'll be shut down.

  2. Wait, Ann you should read this!


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