Friday, April 24, 2009

A Girl in Gold Shoes

Day 52...Happy Friday! It's the freakin' weekend.

These are Steve Madden and I believe I bought them a few Easter's ago when the airline had lost my luggage. I know several people who own these in some color or leather variation, but mine are gold. They are not the most comfortable, but I can't seem to give them up, as they go so well with many outfits.
"At the end of a movie, all my outfits are missing. They even call: 'Tara, those were $700 shoes.' What are they going to do, search my house?"-Tara Reid
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Make your Marc.

Day coworker chose these as my next victim.

Brand: Marc Jacobs. Purchased at? Oh yes, DSW. I popped in one Saturday and was stunned to see numerous designers stocking the clearance shelves! Navy and white leather, navy straps around the top of the foot and ankle, chunky heel. They are not the easiest to walk in, so should you vote them off, they will be shelved in my mother's closet. I think she is secretly crossing her fingers now...They also may be the wrong size for me. What the heck!

"I don't do fashion, I am fashion"-Coco Chanel

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Classic Peeps

Day 50...The week is almost half over, and my shoes are WAY beyond half finished. My current allergy attack is reminding me that spring has sprung, meaning it's time to rearrange your closet and put the spring and summer clothes up in the front to be worn.

These babies are from Nine West. I think I bought them at least...6 years ago. They have been worn soo many times, and are quite worn out it time to replace them? I'm wearing them with a white skirt from Target and my favorite black tee from Club Monaco.
"Is it time to go home yet? I keep clicking these damn shoes but nothing happens"-Robin Hecht
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Orange Slice

Day 49...I'm in the process of moving my wardrobe over to my new condo, so it has been difficult to keep track of the shoes I have worn!!
These are from the DSW clearance section. Orange leather flats with white stitching and gold buckles, and as you can see from photo two, side slices in the shoes. The heel is a wood inch block. I have not EVEN worn these a handful of times.
"Always wear expensive shoes. People notice."-Brian Koslow
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Also, I've decided to go back and count each pair worn as a number.

Monday, April 20, 2009

White Brights

Day 48...Funday Monday. I don my last few pairs of shoes and am anticipating the end of the challenge and the beginning of something new :)

My creative gene is drawing a blank today as I have spent the last several days working on my condo. These shoes were actually possibly my first pair purchased from DSW during college. I bought them for around $9 and for a dance or party or something. Very low kitten heel, white leather, pointy toe. I remember getting comments from guys back then like "how are those comfortable? Don't they squish your toes?" On the contrary they are quite comfortable!!

For those recently joining the blog, make sure to start back here to get the full background.

"I don't like getting patted down and taking off my shoes at the airport."-Rebecca Miller

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