Saturday, March 28, 2009

Brit Incognito.

My co-worker is CRAZY! She whipped out the ZANIEST shoes I've ever seen. She claims that the camoflouge pattern and rubber sole make them ideal for the ranch. But for the office? Hey, it's a Saturday, let her do what she wants.

I just HAD to post this in honor of her the SECOND she showed them to me.

"I personally think they're mildly awesome"-Brit, owner of said shoes.

Friday, March 27, 2009

See you later alligator?

Day 31...Happy Friday everyone! The weather got a tiny bit cooler here so I am taking the opportunity to wear one of my last pairs that is slightly more on the winter side...
Jones New York shooties from DSW, (my sister yesterday said "What, do you LIVE there?!") slight platform, faux (definitely faux) alligator "leather", lace-up.
"The golf course is the only place I can go dressed like a pimp and fit in perfectly. Anywhere else, lime-green pants and alligator shoes, I got a cop on my buns." Samuel L Jackson
What do you think? Does alligator stay on the golf course or in my closet? Choose to keep them or wave see ya later alligator, via buttons below "Keep", "Toss".
Since I'm working all weekend, I'll post some shoes tomorrow and maybe Sunday too :) Check back to see!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Madden Madness.

Day 30...No thinkin' Thursday starts...NOW. March Madness mania ensues this evening...For now, here are today's shoes.
Steve Madden shoes I don't even have to tell you where these are from! In honor of the return of March Madness action today, I present to you March Madness Madden Mania. It's March Madness for the shoe maven...3" heel with a slight platform, linen and leather with stitching and tiny cut-outs, peep toe and Mary Jane strap.
"These are my new shoes. They're good shoes. They won't make you rich like me, they won't make you rebound like me, they definitely won't make you handsome like me. They'll only make you have shoes like me. That's it." ~From a Charles Barkley commercial for basketball shoes, 1993
What do you think? Will these shoes go all the way or lose out in the sweet sixteen? Vote below, "Keep", "Toss".

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Day 29...Happy shoe shine Wednesday! At my office, shoe shining is set up in the lobby on Wednesdays. Just another way to know you're making it through the week. These shoes have NOT been shined (or worn?) in a while...

I bought these in college at...say it with me...DSW! They are Kenneth Cole Reaction. Cranberry leather with studs and stitching, wood stacked heel. Also worn with one of my favorite dresses...with pockets.
“When in doubt, wear red.” Bill Blass
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Grey's Anatomy

Day 28...Is it grey or gray? I can never decide. The weather looks a little Seattle-esque this morning, with some rain coming in it looks like.

Today's shoes are from (can't you guess by now?) DSW and are Modern Vintage (like Sunday's sandals I posted yesterday afternoon). Grey patent toe and heel and suede body. Thicker heel for comfort.
Worn with grey pinstsripe sailor pants, navy ruffle blouse, and turqoise cardigan. If I were a surgical resident like Meredith, I don't think I'd have a hard time with wearing scrubs daily, especially if they were all grey. I was tempted to wear full on grey from top to bottom, but broke it up with the blouse/cardigan. Grey is a fabulous color, often wins over black in my closet.

“I don't design clothes. I design dreams.” Ralph Lauren
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Also worn on the weekend.

Day 27...Due to the sunnier weather, I donned my Modern Vintage sandals from DSW (where else?). Feel free to vote if you like!
Worn with JCrew periwinkle blue dress, orangey-yellow Anthropologie sweater, and Anthropologie belt. (Sorry I didn't have time to take a picture).

must. wear. winter. shoes. pronto.

Day 26...In an effort to wear all my non-Spring shoes FAST, I donned this pair today.
I bought these with the big bow flats in New Orleans. I really like them! The problem is that they are difficult to match with, so I think I should acquire a little more brown if they stay in the closet permanently. They have 2 tones of orange and 2 tones of brown. Worn with JCrew pencil skirt and H&M multi-colored top.
“Nothing risque, nothing gained."— Alexander Woollcott
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend Comfort

Day 25...This weekend I went to a backyard wedding shower and a bar birthday party in one night. I chose to stick with comfort and don these goldies.

I feel like I took a myspace profile picture of myself, but I didn't have anyone to take the picture!! I bought these beauts at Steve Madden in an attempt to sport the trend of moccasins without looking like Pocahontas. I wear them constantly especially because of the sherpa-ish lining inside. Worn here with white Levis skinnies, Grey long tank from Fossil, and a Gap cardi.
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