Thursday, October 22, 2009

Miscellaneous..things I love this week

For my feet:
For my cubicle:
For my self:
Ok, I guess a girl can't always get what she wants. I'll settle without the shoes...
Happy My Friday!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Oh by the way...I met Scott Schumann, aka the Sartorialist last night. He called me, wanted to meet for coffee, have a chit chat...ok just kidding! Scott came to Dallas for a book signing near my hood. We got there early, buuuut didn't see that you needed THIS TICKET for the signing line....bollocks. We huffed and puffed and went back downstairs to get group C we were here with A's!!! Scott and James sat in directors chairs and did a bit of Q&A for the crowd.

Let me tell you, there were some fantastic (as well as fantastically interesting) outfits last night. My favorite were these two chaps in Nantucket-esque casual/cool. Not the best picture, but I was trying to stalk stealthily.

When I went up to get my book signed, Scott questioned my flags...he asked if they were the photos I hate and I said that they were my favorite! We laughed, and he pointed out this particular page to me, saying this is the moment Garance fell in love with him! Quite confident, I would say.

Thank you for a wonderful evening, Scott! I usually would NOT request a picure with him but everyone else was and I did not want to regret not doing so.....

Fall into Fall

Fall is upon us. Well, in TX it's more like a constant drizzle/downpour. In other places, it's definitely here. The leaves changing, the breeze, scarf wearing...etc. It's my favorite time of year, so it's pretty interesting that I picked a place to live that essentially has two seasons ("winter" and SUMMER). Here is a gist of music I've been listening to lately, ESPECIALLY A Fine Frenzy's "Bomb in a Birdcage". American singer-songwriter Alison Sudol releases the band's second album this year and is now sitting at roughly 28 in the US charts.

**Have never posted about a music playlist, but had to share my love for this newer album...interested in more?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How to Dress for an Interview

It has been requested that I post about what to wear to an interview. I recently switched jobs (alleluia!) and it was quite difficult to form an outfit to wear to the interviews for a couple reasons:

-previous job caused weight gain
-suits are slightly less current/updated
-I hate the "uniform" look; must be because of all my days in private school

So, I tried to put together outfits that were more dressy than "business casual" but still showed my personal flair. How should you do this?

-Decide first on a skirt or pants. I chose a skirt but not for any reason in particular.
-Pair the skirt/pants with a dressier blouse (I love the sleeveless ruffle blouses, personally)
-Wear conservative jewelry (pearls, diamonds, etc...none of this "don't make me take off my hoop earrings")
-Wear heels. I think this is a must because you not only feel more professional/grown up but your posture improves.
-Wear some sort of jacket item. I'll post pictures, don't worry.
-Bring some copies of your resume on linen paper, just in case they do not have some readily printed, preferably tucked in your purse.
-Eat breakfast (or whatever meal comes before the interview). No one likes a grumbling tummy during interviews.
-Have clean nails (doesn't mean not polished, just not chipping), clean hair, clean teeth, and fresh breath.

Now for the fun part---pictures!!!! Julie came up with some cute jackets for her friend to wear to hers. I would probably mix and match any of these pieces to create your interview look. Add a belt if necessary.
*A dress is totally appropriate for an interview with a jacket over as well.
**Yes, I know, I always post anthropologie and jcrew items. The reason is the advertising/pictures are HEAVENLY but let's be honest, these things are usually out of the price range desired by many. Just create a similar look easily by going to Target, Forever 21, Gap, Old Navy, or any of the online spots I've shared!!! Don't forget the first place to look is IN YOUR CLOSET and maybe even a friend's!
***This pair of trousers, the super 120s, is an absolute classic. It is a staple to have if you have the cash. Comes in pinstripes as well which I LOVE, but one must have the basics (black trousers!) before the fun.
Was this helpful? Any ideas of your own?

Monday, October 19, 2009


I love nicknames. I find myself becoming familiar with people quite quickly and either picking up their previous nickname or creating a new one. It creates a sense of familiarity with the person and gives them a small dose of your humor simultaneously. When I was younger I had nicknames like "Annie Bananie" or "Anner" and even AK47.. (my middle name is Katherine). My friend Mike nicknamed me "AB" in college, probably the most widely used. Another friend, Matt, called me "Backseat Baker" as we were driving to Croatia and I apparently was being a backseat you get accused of such a thing in a country you know nothing about I am not sure, but it stuck for a while. Still another nickname is "Bakes" or "Shake-n-bake" and people at work have used that too.
***I forgot a couple. Luli calls me (and I call her) "Muffin". Beth calls me "Teddy" and I call her "Bunny"...who knows how these came about :)

Any team I've been on I've nicknamed's just in my nature I guess.

My dad still uses sweet names for us like loverly, sweetness, buttercup...who knows :)

What's my point? Give me a second...I was reading the Sartorialist just now and noticed he calls his girl friend, Garance, "G".

(see the bottom of the post)

(c) The Sartorialist

I definitely prefer a nickname over a petname. Baby, boy, woman, sugar, sexy...whatever it is, when it is used in public, it KIND OF weirds me out..I feel like I'm in the middle of some puppy love that should be shared more each his own I suppose.

What's your opinion? Do you have a nickname? Let us know, and the origin :)

Wish I was back here right now; weekend in Minnesota was the best.

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