Monday, October 19, 2009


I love nicknames. I find myself becoming familiar with people quite quickly and either picking up their previous nickname or creating a new one. It creates a sense of familiarity with the person and gives them a small dose of your humor simultaneously. When I was younger I had nicknames like "Annie Bananie" or "Anner" and even AK47.. (my middle name is Katherine). My friend Mike nicknamed me "AB" in college, probably the most widely used. Another friend, Matt, called me "Backseat Baker" as we were driving to Croatia and I apparently was being a backseat you get accused of such a thing in a country you know nothing about I am not sure, but it stuck for a while. Still another nickname is "Bakes" or "Shake-n-bake" and people at work have used that too.
***I forgot a couple. Luli calls me (and I call her) "Muffin". Beth calls me "Teddy" and I call her "Bunny"...who knows how these came about :)

Any team I've been on I've nicknamed's just in my nature I guess.

My dad still uses sweet names for us like loverly, sweetness, buttercup...who knows :)

What's my point? Give me a second...I was reading the Sartorialist just now and noticed he calls his girl friend, Garance, "G".

(see the bottom of the post)

(c) The Sartorialist

I definitely prefer a nickname over a petname. Baby, boy, woman, sugar, sexy...whatever it is, when it is used in public, it KIND OF weirds me out..I feel like I'm in the middle of some puppy love that should be shared more each his own I suppose.

What's your opinion? Do you have a nickname? Let us know, and the origin :)

Wish I was back here right now; weekend in Minnesota was the best.


  1. I guess Teddy falls into puppy love pet name. Time to kill it.

  2. Jewlbug (my lovely Mom and sister), JuJu Bean (the cousinship) and Sweetness (my hubby)...I was also Babygirl for awhile, but then our cat stole that from me :(


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