Friday, December 10, 2010

Budget Styles

Dallacites...did you hear? H&M opened up the other day in Northpark mall by Dillards and La Madeline. I took a peak, and didn't make any purchases, but I am definitely glad it has arrived. It's a preview of the bigger store to open in 2011.

A few weeks ago I avoided Anthropologie and JCrew (I know---shocking right?!) and decided to dig through Forever 21. I just feel like, with the trendier things, spending big isn't the best decision.

Check out this snippet from the Dallas Morning News:

The window:
And my favorite looks on their site:

Times are tough. Budgets are being stretched thin. It's time to turn to the budget stores and hope that JCrew and Anthropologie take note and drop their prices..

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Just wanted to share some of my brides with you all!! Don't they all look amazing?
My cousin Erica..(taken by Julie)
Dear friend Laura (and I did all the bridesmaids' hair pieces as well!)
I love all the concerned faces as they bustle her dress.
(Laura's photos are via Josh Fowler Photography!)
Chrissy's friend...
cute cake, too!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Utilitarian Boots

So we're seeing a trend right now. Utilitarian boots. Almost biker boots, right? And duck boots...when did those come back? Well today's Who What Wear balances it out nicely. I think the goal is to wear the trend, without looking too...biker...masculine...butch even.

On a recent DSW outing, I turned to my sister and said "I really want weird boots". About four seconds later, we saw these:

Was I hesitant? Yes. Was I intrigued? Oh yes. But I took the plunge. They are now residing in an oh so honored spot in my closet. When I wear them I make sure to girl myself up somewhere else...and honestly? I have never received more compliments on a single pair of shoes than these.
Tips to keep yourself from looking butch:
1. coral lipstick. Hey, it's in style, it's adorable, and it works. or that fantastic neon shade we talked about before..
2. silk/ruffle top.
3. pair them with a dress.
4. pair them with booty hugging jeans.
5. pair them with over the knee socks.
What do you think?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


baby announcement ever. Just thought I'd share my college roomie Abri's baby announcement this morning since I'm climbing out from under a pile of work at the moment :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Party in Pink

After seeing the ads for the JCrew collection, perhaps I should reconsider my general disdain for the color pink?

The neon and glittery pinks featured are so striking!!

PS-weekend in Amarillo totally kicked my butt. Julie and I are still laughing about it!!

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