Friday, December 10, 2010

Budget Styles

Dallacites...did you hear? H&M opened up the other day in Northpark mall by Dillards and La Madeline. I took a peak, and didn't make any purchases, but I am definitely glad it has arrived. It's a preview of the bigger store to open in 2011.

A few weeks ago I avoided Anthropologie and JCrew (I know---shocking right?!) and decided to dig through Forever 21. I just feel like, with the trendier things, spending big isn't the best decision.

Check out this snippet from the Dallas Morning News:

The window:
And my favorite looks on their site:

Times are tough. Budgets are being stretched thin. It's time to turn to the budget stores and hope that JCrew and Anthropologie take note and drop their prices..


  1. Honestly, I buy a lot of cheap clothes because I love the newness of new clothes, then I get sick of them. So, it kind of works, then I take them to Goodwill, lol! And when I say cheap, I mean F21 and H and M. Oh, I used to live in Dallas, did I ever tell you that? XX!

  2. So true. I literally found like 5 Christmas dresses at H&M and felt like a little girl at her 1st Holy Communion in each one! Anthro especially, ugh...I find myself asking them if they have any bags with no logo so Jonas won't let me have it when I get home ;-)


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