Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Utilitarian Boots

So we're seeing a trend right now. Utilitarian boots. Almost biker boots, right? And duck boots...when did those come back? Well today's Who What Wear balances it out nicely. I think the goal is to wear the trend, without looking too...biker...masculine...butch even.

On a recent DSW outing, I turned to my sister and said "I really want weird boots". About four seconds later, we saw these:

Was I hesitant? Yes. Was I intrigued? Oh yes. But I took the plunge. They are now residing in an oh so honored spot in my closet. When I wear them I make sure to girl myself up somewhere else...and honestly? I have never received more compliments on a single pair of shoes than these.
Tips to keep yourself from looking butch:
1. coral lipstick. Hey, it's in style, it's adorable, and it works. or that fantastic neon shade we talked about before..
2. silk/ruffle top.
3. pair them with a dress.
4. pair them with booty hugging jeans.
5. pair them with over the knee socks.
What do you think?


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