Saturday, January 29, 2011

I just want

to forget all this back-and-forth weather and skip right to summer.
wearing my cute plaid shorts.

just kidding i wish that were me. that's cute little bee.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Put this on the list...

Of things from Anthropologie I can never afford, but will always drool over.


Wore Through.

I looked all the way back to my second ever post (first with pictures-including the several pictures of the shoe contents in my closet pre-shoe off***) where I wore the ever popular Steve Madden Intyce boots.

Sad news? I've worn through them. Had to give them up. They've lasted 3+ years and 2 trips to the cobbler, but now it's time to say goodbye.

Something I usually don't do is buy something twice..but I made an exception here, sort of. I bought the same boots, but in wine red! Check them out..cute, right?

sorry for the poor photos...had to take them in my cubicle this morning :)

**The shoe off is what started this whole sha-bang of the Daily Anntidote. In an effort to clean out my closet of shoes, I wore a different pair daily and subjected them to a vote by the readers of this blog. It started out as a couple votes a day (thank you sisters and cousins) but spread to anywhere between 50-80 voters a day! Voters chose "keep" or "toss" and I stuck to what they said, eliminating nearly 1/3 of my collection to consignment or charity. I decided to keep blogging once the 60+ day challenge was over (that means I had 60+ pairs of shoes!!!!!).

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I clicked on

And took a walk through Hollywood...

i have a huge crush on him...(stems from Gossip Girl...)

Doesn't their advertising make you LONG for a vacation?!

inspired by a look.

Emma Stone is completely inspiring lately. She has grown up and transformed into this gorgeous blond goddess...

I love the geometric shapes and neutral colors in her outfit below. She's bringing back the 2010 color Endive in the skirt and channeling Pantone's 2011 Spring colors in the soft blush of her cheeks.

Really.......I think I'm just ready for Spring. I'll get a taste of Summer in a few weeks when I head to South Africa and I can hardly wait!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blunt Bangs

I like blunt you? I have adorable hairdresser Johnnie at Toni & Guy gave them to me around a year ago on a whim. I look back at pre-bangs pictures and I'm like, "who is that girl?"

You know what else I love? These two products. Virginia and I went on a Sephora outing post Christmas due to a gift card found in our stockings (thanks Dad!!!). We had the most awesome sales lady help us pick out these too for a little more relaxed, little less rigid look to the locks.

-the styling lotion de-tangles and smooths. I spray it in before air drying or blow drying.

-the surf spray makes your hair a little salty...if you know what I'm saying. I usually don't like it when my hair is "too clean" so it dirties it up just a little bit to give you some nice body.

I highly recommend these!! Plus they smell great. That same day I bought the best ever anti aging/forehead wrinkling already/moisturizer in the planet. Then I told Uptown Girl about it. We love.

And then I found $10.

Well I didn't, but I thought it might make the story better.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

If I ever..

say I want something like this in my not consider it a wheel of fortune.
just take me straight to the hospital because I must be ill..

who buys this crap!? better yet..who MAKES this crap?!

I owe you.

Finally pulled the plug and got a new ceiling lamp for over the dining room table. I've only been wanting to do that for over a year and a half!!!

Can't beat the price!

And this cutie for the other side of the couch. I feel like it's so cute I should name it!
I need to take some good pictures of my place now and post them...Ahhhhhh it feels soooo good now.
I love cleaning out. and cleaning. and organizing...and arranging.........I'll stop..

Monday, January 24, 2011

Shoe in.

Madewell Spring line-I die. Fantastic shoes, and I have my eye on three pairs. I'll have to either a) narrow it down to one (not likely) or b) convince my roommate to get a different one than me so we can share.

This inspires me to create some funky Spring looks (especially when the temps dropped yet again and we're stuck in Winter longer).

1) The Oxford slingback, black and cream tunic, and simple khaki shorts.

2) The nubuck seaside sandal, hippy colorful top, and flirty navy lace shorts.

3) the sidewalk wedge, the sweater of many colors, and how about some basic leggings?

What do you think? I'm ready for about you?
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