Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blunt Bangs

I like blunt you? I have adorable hairdresser Johnnie at Toni & Guy gave them to me around a year ago on a whim. I look back at pre-bangs pictures and I'm like, "who is that girl?"

You know what else I love? These two products. Virginia and I went on a Sephora outing post Christmas due to a gift card found in our stockings (thanks Dad!!!). We had the most awesome sales lady help us pick out these too for a little more relaxed, little less rigid look to the locks.

-the styling lotion de-tangles and smooths. I spray it in before air drying or blow drying.

-the surf spray makes your hair a little salty...if you know what I'm saying. I usually don't like it when my hair is "too clean" so it dirties it up just a little bit to give you some nice body.

I highly recommend these!! Plus they smell great. That same day I bought the best ever anti aging/forehead wrinkling already/moisturizer in the planet. Then I told Uptown Girl about it. We love.

And then I found $10.

Well I didn't, but I thought it might make the story better.


  1. I LOVE bangs. I used to have the straight across kind, but they lay funny on me, so it looks really messy and not very cute. I wish I could wear this lovely style!

  2. I looove love love bangs...but can not DO bangs. I think it's because I cannot handle the maintenance. But I love the look!


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