Friday, January 28, 2011

Wore Through.

I looked all the way back to my second ever post (first with pictures-including the several pictures of the shoe contents in my closet pre-shoe off***) where I wore the ever popular Steve Madden Intyce boots.

Sad news? I've worn through them. Had to give them up. They've lasted 3+ years and 2 trips to the cobbler, but now it's time to say goodbye.

Something I usually don't do is buy something twice..but I made an exception here, sort of. I bought the same boots, but in wine red! Check them out..cute, right?

sorry for the poor photos...had to take them in my cubicle this morning :)

**The shoe off is what started this whole sha-bang of the Daily Anntidote. In an effort to clean out my closet of shoes, I wore a different pair daily and subjected them to a vote by the readers of this blog. It started out as a couple votes a day (thank you sisters and cousins) but spread to anywhere between 50-80 voters a day! Voters chose "keep" or "toss" and I stuck to what they said, eliminating nearly 1/3 of my collection to consignment or charity. I decided to keep blogging once the 60+ day challenge was over (that means I had 60+ pairs of shoes!!!!!).

1 comment:

  1. Oh those were fun times!..hmm wish you had another 60 pairs to go through and we could do it all over again :)


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