Friday, September 18, 2009

Hello, history.

Let's take a look back in time. The twenties is one of my favorite eras, tied for first with the forties. I would much rather dress similar to these styles than the 80s. They represent a more modest and feminine era, full of class silhouettes and flirty embellishments.

Look at this style! Mink, patterns, hats, parasols, bows, gloves, lace...can't you just hear these ladies? "Oh, just me in my fabulous ski outfit, about to hit the slopes", "You can't tell, but under this fabulous coat is only my slip!" "Ho-hum, I'm just waiting for it to be an acceptable time for a cocktail".

The current looks seem to be based on the twenties and forties, and I'm ok with that. Take a look at some of the looks JCrew has created for fall.

Don't even get me started, I love it all. Love all the skinny pants, stockings with shoes, high waist, ruffle blouses and cardigans cardigans cardigans!!!! Colors for fall are unexpectedly bright which may keep our moods bright :)
I'm sure I'll post more on this later...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Miscellaneous: Things I love this week.

Ooooh dear, I have my eye on a couple things this week. What are you shopping for?

Feather stud earrings from Urban Outfitters.
Striped dress from Urban Outfitters.

Feather headband from Forever21.

Grreeeeey boots from Anthropologie.

Plaid tunic from Forever21.

I got my Moop bag in the mail from my previous shopping post. I love it! Perfect size, great compartments to hold my gum (3 packs-oops!), phone, keys (there's a clip to keep your keys handy!), and zippers for extras.
Happy shopping!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Moses Supposes

Hurray! Today my newest nephew, little Moses, in 1 month old! Hurray for Moses!

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Moses is getting so big! From day one, to fun time with Uncle Frankles, to sitting on top of the fridge, to sleeping with mama, to playing with Kermit and the bear, it has been quite an eventful month for my sister and for all of us. We are in love with him, to be sure.
We plan on learning this song, and getting my nephew Joe to perform the routine :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Musical Snack


Why do they do this...tell us an album is coming, and then let us know it won't be till January....

Nevertheless, I am excited about this one.
I bounced in my seat incessantly with their last album.

How to Clean up your Closet: Part II in a Continuous Series

I was asked by a lovely reader how to organize belts, going out tops, and other less hanger friendly items in her closet. I'd be happy to post on that!!

I have broken it down into a series of steps. Warning-this may require a trip to the container store, but the items I have are NOT a budget buster.

-Belts: I have hung belts, I have draped belts, but what has worked best out of all of these is this belt organizer. It is great! I have all of my belts wound in the skinny drawer with this divider in it.

-Going out tops: drawer. I said it! Drawer is best I think. How annoying is it when the strappy tops fall off the hangers and hide back in the closet collecting dust...NOT GOOD!
-Scarves: box them! I bought boxes for my DVDs in one apartment from Ikea (I had A-O in one box and P-Z in a second box), and now have shelves for those. So I decided to re-use one of the boxes for scarves/gloves/hats/capelets. They're all in there.

-Sweaters: this is a quandary. I have mine folded in a drawer for the current season, and boxed (with cedar) for those out of season. Most times if I plan on wearing a particular sweater the next day, I lay it out a day early to get any wrinkles out.
-Socks, bathing suits, pajamas, and undergarments: also difficult! I go back and forth. For now I have one drawer that has sweats, work out clothes, leggings. Another drawer has socks and tights (it is skinny). Another skinny drawer for undergarments. Another skinny drawer for bathing suits. Then a final bigger drawer for pajamas.

Now, for the how to:
1. Take a breathe. This is a big undertaking. (snack in hand?)
2. Assemble the belt organizer and fit into a skinny drawer.
3. Roll belts and place in spaces.
4. Fold sweaters and place in drawer.
5. Fold going out tops in half. You can fit two rows of them in one drawer. I have my shorts in the same drawer as well!
6. Fold scarves carefully and neatly. Stow in box with hats, gloves, and capelets.
7. Fold sweaters (hey, if you're OCD and have a folding board, definitely use it. I miss using one from the JCrew days sometimes) and place in drawer. Don't stuff them!!
8. Separate undergarments, sweats, and PJs according to your preference and arrange into drawers.
9. Be happy! Be at peace!

Voila, tomorrow I will post pictures of my result-today my camera was having technical difficulties..

How did it work for you?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fashion Week: Thakoon

“For me it's about creating silhouettes that sort of have built-in gesture.”-Thakoon Panichgul
I really have enjoyed seeing this designer's collection. He was featured in The September Issue, which you can only guess I saw Friday night when it came out here.
Here are my favorite looks out of his latest collection, Resort 2010. Compliments of

I love his draping and the use of neutral colors and feminine silhouettes. My colleague and I were just discussing about how we wish we had room in our budgets for purchasing from these designers...back to the drawing board..

Fashion Week: DvF

"Once upon a time, there was a princess with an idea. The idea was a dress. Not a taffeta ball gown like the ones fairy-tale heroines usually wear—this was a drip-dry, cotton jersey dress that wrapped in front and tied at the waist.... And even though the princess was a member of the jet set, famous far and wide as a glamorous party girl, her dress was seen as evidence of an uncanny knack for identifying with her customers: they felt that she must have understood them to have invented something so comfortable and practical, so suitable to their own everyday adventures and to their newfound sense of independence."-Holly Brauchbach, The New York Times
That is precisely how people describe Diane von Furstenberg. She refers to the pieces of her collection as her "friends"! My lovely friend Amanda Lee works for her currently and I can't help but be green with envy. Especially when I took a look at her collection at FW.
RTW 2010: complements of

Resort Spring 2010:

*I don't know if the bows are as wearable as the clothes..

Bellisima, Diane!

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