Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Like mother...

Like daughter...

Isn't little Gio divine!?

images via the Sartorialist

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The New Taylor

Swift looks FANTASTICALLY HOT. Wow...great lips, great hair..much needed improvement as she moves from "little girl" to "woman"

Momsen still looks awful. She needs to take a lesson from Swift.

Wrap it up

Last night, Alicia and I had champagne Thursday (on a Monday) and wrapped Christmas presents! I have never been so on the ball as I am this year. Probably due to the fact that my oldest sister always sends out an email about Christmas presents back in September...

Decided to pull out some materials from headband making and put them on the gifts as well!

Calvin helped..

I think Virginia's is my favorite!

How are you wrapping this year?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanks, Jenna

Thanks for the affirmation Jenna! I was pleased that I snagged the last tunic at Madewell weeks ago (in my size, in the color I wanted..perfecto). It's been at the dry cleaners for a few days, so also...thanks for the reminder to go pick it up! :)

***also as a follow up, the paint color on our door is Laura Ashley Mustard Gold!

Weekend Success: Painted Door!

To say this weekend was productive is an under-statement. I accomplished most everything I set out to do.

Friday-Defensive driving-check. It was miserable...enduring 6 hours of lectures and readings...I had to finish some on Saturday and the test last night. But I passed (whew) :)

Saturday-After working out and running some errands, we stopped by the Jingle Bash..WOWWWW it was QUITE crowded and hot in there. Texas has gone through a bit of a warm up (70s today!) and I don't think they were prepared for that.

I did pick up a super cool gold branch necklace from f is for frank. Probably shouldn't be shopping for myself during the holiday season...but I only have one more present to buy for Christmas!!!!

We went and purchased all the necessary supplies to paint the front door come Sunday. I think the guy at Lowe's thought this was my first rodeo with painting, because he was loading us up with directions. In my head: "I got this buddy.."

Stage 1: Priming. The door was a dark green/black/dirty/ugly before, so primer was necessary. (oh, after we cleaned the door)

Happy Alicia painting! (This was still the beginning so we were hopped up on yummy breakfast)
Alicia and I painting..funny that we kept our normal clothes

Stage 2: The first coat goes on. My sis Virginia came to help!
Close up of stage 2
I am very focused.. see my gold branch necklace even made the shot!

Moses came to help. He was so helpful...bringing his enthusiastic spirit AND making sure his outfit matched the door. Way to go, Mo!

While we were at it...we decided to re-paint the welcome mat. The birds were slightly more neon yellow, so they got a face lift with some of the mustard gold paint.

Stage 3: THE FINISHED DOOR! It took 3 coats, and we'll be doing touch ups later. We may even paint the swirly pattern a grey or other color...yet to be determined. What do you think??

With the mat:
Warning: it was a tiring project. Make sure you don't let your cat run away while the door remains ajar during the drying phase. We propped a fan nearby to expedite the process, but he still escaped...and has been acting crazy ever since. Let's be honest, he wouldn't last a DAY outdoors.
Sunday evening I went to a Thanksgiving potluck hosted by some members of the monthly dinner club (which I have been a part of for 2.5 years!) and I am still stuffed...the cheese grits and "Not yo Mama's" mac-n-cheese were among my favorites...
On the agenda tonight? Wrapping Christmas presents!!!
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