Friday, October 22, 2010

Carey'ed Away

I absolutely adore Carey Mulligan.
She's British, and her first movie role was in Pride & Prejudice as Kitty Bennett (which I forgot!). She was superb in An Education and I'm looking forward to seeing her in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps with the handsome Shia LaBeouf.
She has really cute bangs, too!
I loved her short haircut, and love her classy style.

Doesn't it look like she could be your best friend here?!
Are you a Carey fan?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

This just in...and now stuck in my mind.

I get emails daily about new arrivals..promotions...sales..from TOO many places (JCrew, Madewell, Borders, even Joanns). Something has to stop, because I look at the email today from Madewell and my mouth falls open with how delicious their clothes unique and urban chic!

My favorites...

-the tea party dress. I can even imagine rocking this for a winter wedding (oh and there will be a post at a later date about that..), but I prefer the burnt sienna color.

-the fair isle twilight cardigan. This is adorable, and surely not just on her with her side swoop bangs and fantastically dramatic eye wear.

-what? wedges? who me? guilty of obsessing over them? yes...the suede wedge bootie looks wonderfully comfortable, and my roommate is obsessing over them right now too. They come in several colors, but we both agreed these are the most pleasing to the eye.

Anything you've got your eye on? I better find some "looks for less" before I get into trouble!!!

Aaaaaaaand.. a little shout out to "Dr. Kenneth Noisewater" on his birthday!!!!

Musical Snack

Last night, LE and I went to see Sufjan (pronounced Soof-yan) Stevens. Now, I was a little unprepared for this concert, in that I hadn't made it through his new album, The Age of Adz. If you've listened to the other albums he's made, especially the ever popular song Chicago, you'd expect to find a guy, a banjo, a recorder, a piano, some trombones, and some string instruments.

That is not how this went down.

There were two go-go girls as backup dancers/singers and a plethora of electronic equipment displayed. Granted, I really did enjoy some of the new songs (the album came out 9 days ago, so sue me! I hadn't gotten through it!!!), but I was longing for those folksy banjo tunes such as Chicago and Casimir Pulaski Day or even The Henney Buggy Band. But midway through the show, he even confessed that if that is what the crowd was expecting, he was sorry...but that wasn't how the show was going to go.

When he announced a song around 10 pm that was going to be a "25 minute long journey..." LE and I split after 10 of those minutes.

Don't get me wrong, I really did enjoy the was just a bit surprising.

I will admit to forming a slight crush on him...for his sexy (speaking and singing) voice and cute butt..however I'm pretty sure he's gay.

Regardless, I'll probably listen to most of his tunes throughout the work day today :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cold Shoulder

I think I've figured out one of the main reasons I love Blake Lively (Serena on Gossip Girl).

image via Who What Wear

What do all of these poses have in common? Her ability to give the "cold shoulder" with a smile/smirk on her face, and while looking fabulous.

I love her her physique and in her clothing choices.

In honor of Blake..Adele's Cold Shoulder...another girl with attitude.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Social Network

No doubt you've all heard of this movie. I went to see it on Friday with my roommate and a couple friends. Jesse Eisenberg played the ever famous Mark Zuckerberg, creator of (the) Facebook, attendee of Harvard University.

This is near the beginning of the film...(notice the dart in mouth and the old school Gap hoodie). He came back from a date with Erica Albright that resulted in the end of their relationship...not due to his being a nerd, but an asshole.
Mr. Timberlake also graced the film with his presence, playing Sean Parker, creator of Napster, and the cool cat who pushed Zuckerberg to spiral out of control.
Here is one of my favorite scenes, where Zuckerberg admits to not giving the room his full attention, because he didn't think they deserved his full attention. Loved his honesty and brashness.

And the best cinematography of the film was probably during the rowing scene with the Winklevoss twins (both played by Armie Hammer, though he does have a twin in real life).

Below is the real Zuckerberg, with the over-worn Adidas sandals (that Eisenberg also sported during the film).
Overall, a well done dramatic depiction of the events leading to (the) Facebook. Had I known the full story, I might not have gotten into it myself. It is a good way to keep in touch with those we do not see regularly, but can lead to dangerous amounts of wasted work hours and nights sleep.
Upon exiting the roommate looked at me and said "you know, this is the time where I'd pull out my phone and check Facebook...ironic".

Monday, October 18, 2010

Baroque is no Joke.

Does everyone recognize this beauty??

Yes, exactly!!! It's Clémence Poésy from Gossip Girl Season 4. She plays the saint who saves Chuck in France and nurses him back to life. Recently she has run off back to her home, and away from Chuck...which will no doubt cause lots of mischief. (She has also played in the Harry Potter films).

How fabulous does she look sporting this simple yet elegant sheer Fendi frock?
Here she is with Blair..looking effortlessly sleek and clean.
A Who What Wear displayed Clémence last week for her baroque biker look...just the look my roommate would rock.
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