Friday, March 27, 2009

See you later alligator?

Day 31...Happy Friday everyone! The weather got a tiny bit cooler here so I am taking the opportunity to wear one of my last pairs that is slightly more on the winter side...
Jones New York shooties from DSW, (my sister yesterday said "What, do you LIVE there?!") slight platform, faux (definitely faux) alligator "leather", lace-up.
"The golf course is the only place I can go dressed like a pimp and fit in perfectly. Anywhere else, lime-green pants and alligator shoes, I got a cop on my buns." Samuel L Jackson
What do you think? Does alligator stay on the golf course or in my closet? Choose to keep them or wave see ya later alligator, via buttons below "Keep", "Toss".
Since I'm working all weekend, I'll post some shoes tomorrow and maybe Sunday too :) Check back to see!

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