Thursday, March 5, 2009

O' the Foxy Flat.

Day 11 and O' my feet are tired. What would Jackie O' do on a Thursday? My co-worker though I should take a break from heels and rest my poor feet.

The brand is Linea Paolo from Nordy's, creamy colored patent leather, ever-so-slight wedge, chocolate grosgrain bow and piping, a slight peep toe. Worn with fanned kick pleet JCrew black skirt, chocolate JCrew cashmere sweater, and a little jewelry.

Jackie O' made her career as First Lady to dictate the fashion trends of her time. She stood out with the President and when flying solo. And she wore some fabulous shoes with those classic tweeds.

"Peep-toes are meant for exactly that reason – ahh to let your toes peep out."-Blog

What would Jackie say? Cast your vote below, "Keep", "Toss"


  1. Love your references to Jackie O!! Love your outfit..So jealous that it is warm enough to wear that!!!

  2. Serio- looking at your bare legs makes me so jealous... I'd like to see these showes with a wide leg trouser. Viting keep! Enjoy the rest today.

  3. Oh my goodness these are adorable!!! LOVE these!


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