Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Funday

Day 7...Just to prove that I'm wearing my weekend shoes...

These are by Simple, a company who specializes in eco-friendly shoes made out of materials such as car tires, hemp, and organic cotton. I picked mine up in San Antonio a year ago and treat them as my weekend sneaks.

Athletic shoes: a generic name for a footwear designed for sporting and physical activities, and is different in style and build than a dress shoe. Also known as: trainers, sandshoes, gym boots or joggers, running shoes, runners, or gutties, sneakers, tennis shoes, gym shoes, tennies, sport shoes, sneaks, or takkies, and rubber shoes.

Whether it's a brisk walk or a day for running errands, comfort always wins.

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1 comment:

  1. UGH i'm SO behind on your blog! Sorry!

    I love the brand Simple. I haven't seen some in many years.

    Very Cute! :)


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