Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Full of Feathers

I absolutely love feathers. I love them on headbands, as earrings, adorning clothing...everything. Today's DailyCandy inspired this post with the last picture...the feather mobile. I'm determined to make one to avoid the large sticker price on it!

(1) From my shop, plush purple feather headband
(2) From Anthropologie, the Season's Fleetings Wreath (they also have trees!!)
(3) From JCrew, the plumage mini

(4) From JCrew, the feather tippet

(5) Also from JCrew, the Feather and ribbon elastic belt (SO CUTE!)
(6) From Forever 21, Feather earrings
(7) And finally, from After All, the Driftwood Mobile

Isn't it divine!?


  1. The feather wreath makes my heart hurt I want it so bad!

  2. The shop is looking great Ann! I have to go visit! I will make sure and feature you in the upcoming gift guide.

  3. I am dying for a feather headband, just hav eto find the perfect one! XX!

  4. Ahh, that anthro belt is fabulous! I'm obsessed w/ anything feathers :-)

    P.S. Love the new additions to your shop!


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