Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Go on, flatter me.

Ok...when I think of cargo pants, I think of these..

Which are NOT the most a) feminine and b) flattering pants on the block.

My roommate was telling me of the wonders and miracles of these new JCrew cargo pants. They're a skinny leg-in the pant, and on your body. She went on and on how she bought them in an emergency situation and is now in the point of wanting the other color.

This morning I saw them on her body...let me tell you, the best fitting pants I've seen! So cute, great fit, and flatter her oh so well. The price tag is a little steep, but could be worth it...we have to suffer to be beautiful you know.. way to go, JCrew Trouper pant.

Ps-sorry I was out sick, feeling a little better and getting back on track :)


  1. Cargo pants are never a good look, unless they are from JCrew and are cut to look like skinny jeans!!! ;)
    Thanks for posting these beautiful pants, and I hope you feel 100% better soon!!!

  2. hmmmmmmm still not sold. I wonder if this trend has made its way into Wichita's stores?


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