Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How to Dress for the Office Holiday Party

A while ago someone asked me for advice on how to dress to your holiday office party. Due to the economy, there was no holiday party last year where I worked, but I did go to other holiday parties. I think it requires the perfect combination of festive + classy. I was on ModCloth last night and found ALL of these options there. There are SO MANY more too!

1. First ask what other people are wearing, or if there was an invitation, check for words like "formal" or "black tie".

2. Wear comfortable, but cute, heels. If the event is held down town there is a good possibility there are other similar events that night, which will cause a huge traffic jam and the potential need to park far away (ahem, first office holiday party I attended)

3. Just because you are not in the office does not give you the right to invite "the girls". Keep it classy!
4. Wear a little more make up than you would to work, but don't overdue it.
5. Bring a date if it is allowed and if it makes you feel more comfortable.
6. Bring a coat, wrap, sweater, or something to keep you warm. Remember, it's December! You'll probably take it off inside.
7. Keep the length appropriate. I think that a cocktail length dress is perfect for these things because you're usually eating and walking around chit-chatting.
8. Nothing skin tight. Seriously.
9. If you have several options to choose from, choose the one that makes you feel most confident! You'll be surrounded by your boss(es) after all.
10. Please remember this isn't prom...

Here are some ideas:

These are some HUGE hell no's:
Unless there is a theme and it is disco glam, then no. And no to this too.

These one is called Dangerous Liasons. Now if you were even CONSIDERING wearing this, sigh...we have other issues.

Every male there will be confused by this dress:


  1. Yay !! Thanks Ann ..love the options..the grey one is gorgeous !

  2. I love these. the modcloth B and W one is my fave!

  3. That first dress looks alot like one from Project Runway this season. It doesn't have the same volume or asymetrical lines though.

  4. hahaha. Love the "Hell Nos". Disco glam and weird mini wedding dressing with black bow are my favs. Too funny.

  5. I have some people in mind I think I'm going to anonymously send this post to.... ;) Awesome picks too!


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