Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Here I Go.

I'm gone. Practically there already (I wish). I'll leave you with this. This is where I'll be for 2 weeks. The journey I'll be taking.

I have set up some posts for while I am gone, I hope you still follow me so that I don't come back to a dead blog :) But, who cares? I won't sacrifice this trip to keep blogging. I'm disconnecting, shutting down, recharging the batteries. Do you ever just think you're running TOO fast??? All the time??? Never stopping??? What is the dealio with that...will it always be like that? Sigh...I won't think about that now.

Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving. It's one of my favorite (no---THE favorite) holidays because you just eat! And celebrate what you're thankful for! No presents. No made-up fairies or bunnies. So everyone: Over-eat, over-sleep, over-play. :)


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