Friday, November 20, 2009

Featuring: Style me for the Weekend! Brought to You by the A's of Fashion.

This is Anna and my second post together. We have had the BEST time creating looks together. The goal was to create a "Comfort Chic" outfit for this week's look. The velvet top gives the look an edgy elegance while the neutral colors are calming and winter-like. (Maybe this will inspire the cooler weather to stick around). Anna has a goal to keep her gifts local and hand crafted, so we added a few pieces from some local crafters. (Soon I'll be adding to that myself!)

Enjoy our second look, and look forward to the third in two weeks!
Velvet top $48: UrbanOutfitters
Tissue tee $32: JCrew
Clutch $22: Etsy
Scarf $25: Etsy
Belt $6.80: Forever21
Toothpick ankle cords $49.99: JCrew
Shoes $102: Zappos
Earrings $3.80: Forever21

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