Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The last stretch of warmth

So I was totally going to blog about the fact that we're going to a relaxing lake house this weekend. And how I'd be pulling out my bathing suit one last time. And how we'd be getting some sun (and wine and coffee etc) but today's DailyCandy changed my mind..
Meet Emma of Emmadime:
a) she's TOTALLY cute! She's a freelance graphic designer and knitting aficionado.

b) I'm obsessively in love with this mustard knitted bitty bow headband.

The end.


  1. agreed! that headband is aaahmazing!

  2. what a cutie patootie! yes I'm glad you blogged about this! I always click daily-ann-tidote and think to myself..."I wonder what she blogged about today"...and I'm always surprised! : ) Looks like you had so much fun this past weekend!


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