Thursday, September 23, 2010

Easy A

Several reasons to go see Easy A.

1) This is not a typical teeny-bopper movie, in my opinion. It is a modern adaptation of Hester Prynne in the Scarlet Letter, only this comes about because of a false rumor spreading around high school.

2) The "fashion" choices in this movie are hysterical, and would really make a great Halloween costume (as LE pointed out while we were watching). She decides to "own" the rumors and sew red A's on a bunch of lingerie and wear it around as clothing...

3) I love the whole cast. Specifically Emma Stone-she was in Superbad and Housebunny if you remember. Also, Stanley Tucci plays the dad and Patricia Clarkson the mom. All three of their names in the movie are Olive (Stone), Dill (Tucci), and Rosemary (Clarkson). Funny, right? Amanda Bynes is in it too, playing a Jesus happy teenager. Penn Badgley (swoon) plays Woodchuck Todd (or Lobster Todd) and it's nice to see him in something besides Gossip Girl.

4) Here Woodchuck Todd and Olive are talking...Todd doesn't believe the rumors that are being spread about Olive and takes her side. (Note Jezebel sign in the back-lol)

5) Here flirting again-only he took the "punch the girl in the arm because you think she's cute" flirting, which almost caused her to fall in the pool. (Why do guys do that? A simple "hello" will do ... no need to punch/hit/pinch).
So, have I convinced you to go see it? I think it has a good message (don't spread rumors, duh) (and don't judge people..) and it is really funny too.


  1. i'm so glad to hear it was a good movie.... i had high hopes and do want to see it. i think i'm going to be overruled this weekend and will end up seeing the town though!

  2. I saw this amazing film last weekend and I LOVED it!!! It was epic!!!
    I loved it when the mom and dad were trying to find the word that started with the letter T and when she got the "lame" card from her grandma and she ended up singing pocket full of sunshine all weekend then downloaded it as her ringtone!!! TOO FUNNY!!!
    corsets, red letters and giftcards,

  3. You've convinced me, it's looks darling! XX!


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