Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Classy but sassy

Day 5 and I am ready for the week to end. Here at work we call it "no thinkin' Thursday".
My friend and I were in DSW gawking at these shoes in all of the colors offered. Each having a different color on either foot, we carefully planned out what occasion would call for what color, what color would be the most practical, if we could afford two so as not to make the decision.... I chose the red. The shoe is peep toe, patent leather, more of an orange-y red than candy apple, and the lower heel makes it uber comfortable. The brand is Adrienne Vittadini. What are your thoughts?

"I like to literally put women on a pedestal" -Vivienne Westwood

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  1. Love the pose! I think you are going to have a hard time tossing ANY of your shoes - they are all fabulous!

  2. There will be tossers I'm sure of it....I might even be dreading WEARING some of them!! :)

  3. uuuhhhh-mazing!!!!!!! supa cute!

  4. I am LOVING your blog!!!

    I have a "shoe problem" that I've realized is NOT a problem for me, but maybe moreso just for my checkbook. Tee Hee

    I'm so glad to find someone who loves shoes just as much (if not MORE) than I do! :)

    Great job girl!

  5. OH and one question:

    Does Buffalo Exchange give decent money for shoes?

  6. L-Thank you so much!!! Buffalo is hit or miss, so I usually pack up my shoes, all spiffed and shined, in a nice sack or bag and chat them up while I wait. Building a relationship with them (and with Plato's Closet, etc) will help them recognize "hey, I have good stuff! give me a deal!"


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