Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fall Accessories: Eye Spy

So here we are moving from Summer to Fall, and one of my favorite trends of late is eye wear. The retro shades are coming back, and the Buddy Holly-esque eye wear is making an appearance too. Not just by Rayban, not just by Oliver Peoples, but by two of my favorites (gasp! what could it be!) JCrew and Madewell! I drool over their selection and discuss them endlessly with my roommate.

I had to post Mr. Holly because, I don't know if you knew, but I had a mild to insanely large obsession with him as a kid. I even had the movie and every album (on cassette no less) (well obviously on cassette...we didn't have compact discs yet) (duh).

From Summer...
If Victoria Beckham's doing it, it must be cool.
And Anna Wintour? The epitome of in!
To Fall...

Also, go take a peak at Anthropologie's offerings. Not too shabby, and even some on the lower price scale!

Now, my favorite part about these looks is that nerdy is becoming cool. I'm a total nerd, so maybe I'm cool now? (whatever I'm going with it).
Some "nerd print" offerings on etsy..

this one's a pun! get it?? four eyes! haha...oh so funny...

**now I have Buddy Holly in my head..."maybe baby I'll have youuu..maybe baby, you'll be true..maybe baby, I'll have you for meeeeee"


  1. I love nerds too! I love glasses, SO happy they're getting popular, too cool! Those prints are darling! XO!

  2. i love the etsy finds! how darling! i love the hipster one. too cute. and the black rim cissico ones are so flippin' amazing!


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